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Moor Hey School
A Mathematics and Computing Specialist College

Rosen Class

Welcome to Rosen Class 



Miss C McLaughlin


Teaching Assistants:

Miss T Doherty

Mrs M Grafton

Miss N McInnes


We are a class of 8 children that follow the EYFS learning model. 


Summer 1 – 18/04 – 27/05

This term our topic has been ‘Helping Hands’, we have been learning all about people who help us and look after us.
In Phonics we have been working extra hard on learning our Phase 2 sounds ready for our assessment at the end of the term, we all tried our best and some of us might be ready to move to Phase 3 soon!
In Literacy we have been working on sentences. Some of us have been looking at an image and describing what we see to an adult, whilst some of us have been writing what we can see in the picture. We have also been practising our pencil control every day; either by doing handwriting practice, or by fine motor activities like threading beads. We are going to keep this hard work up till the end of the year and hopefully improve our writing skills!
In Numeracy we have carried on focusing on our number skills, practising our number bonds to 10 and 20. Some of us have been working hard on number recognition and learning what order the numbers go in. Some of us have been working on addition to 10, we started off using little bricks to help us count and add together, but some of us have gotten so good at it now that we can add up just by looking at the numbers! We also spent some time looking at 2D shapes and how they are different to 3D shapes. We found 3D shapes a little confusing so we will look at them again next half term!
In PSD, we have been learning all about how to stay healthy and look after our bodies. We have learnt how to brush our teeth properly, and what food is healthy and unhealthy. We have also been looking at how to stay safe in our communities and what we should do in unsafe situations.
Understanding the World has been all about the people who help us. We have learnt about a different type of person each week, ranging from Police Officers to Vets. Each week we have learnt about what they do and how they help us, then we did fun things, like make egg box fire engines and played doctors with a poorly baby.

Our Swimming has improved massively this term! We have finally made the move to the deep end, but with the help of our armbands and a float, most of us can now kick our legs for half a length of the pool! This means most of us are swimming 2-3 metres without holding onto an adult! We still get to have lots of fun and play at the end of each lesson, but we’re having great fun every week!

We have had some special events this term. We celebrated Rosen day by taking part in a sensory story of “We’re going on a bear hunt” and we also had our first “stay and play” with parents which was jubilee themed! It’s been a very hectic term, and the next one is bound to be even busier as we come to the end of the school year!

Spring 1 – 03/01 – 07/02


This term our topic has been ‘Wonderful Weather’, we have been learning all about different kinds of weather and how the weather can affect us.
In Phonics we have started working towards our Phase 2 sounds ready for our assessment at the end of the year. We are now following the Twinkl phonics scheme and we are doing so well that we’re learning a new sound every day!
In Literacy we have been practising our letter formation and how to use a pencil properly. We have also been looking at sequencing a story we have listened to and finding key characters on a page.
In Numeracy we have focused on our number recognition skills and number formation! We have also spent time learning about one more and one less. We have also spent two weeks looking at recurring patterns; we started off by making patterns with our building blocks and recognising the colours. We then started using unifix cubes and following a pattern on a page. We also investigated money and what it means to save up for something we want. We set up a fruit shop in the classroom and would take turns being the customers and the shopkeeper.
In PSD we have been learning about our wider place in the community and what we should do to make it better. We have covered topics like recycling, pollution and being safe in the community.
In Understanding the World we have looked at different seasons and how this can impact what we do. We looked at different temperature by exploring ice, heat packs, and hot and cold water. We also looked at what clothing we would wear for each temperature to look after ourselves.

In PE we have been learning all about yoga and relaxation, we have also been learning to hula hoop without an adults help which was great fun! We are still building our confidence in swimming, we have been practising putting our heads underwater, blowing bubbles and kicking our legs whilst an adult holds onto us. Hopefully we won’t need an adult for much longer.
We also enjoyed taking part in special events like Chinese New Year and Mental Health Day!

WC 10/01 - The Messy Magpie


We settled straight back into all our routines this week and have worked extra hard in all our lessons!

This week in Numeracy we have been looking at early addition skills. We started the week with 'One more'. We used a giant box and some teddies to work out how many teddies were hiding in the box and then how many teddies there would be if we added just one more! Some of us then moved on to adding two groups of teddies together, whilst the rest of us carried on adding one more teddy. By the end of the week, some of us have been adding two numbers together, just by looking at the numbers on a piece of paper! Next week, we are going to look at 'One less', this can be a little tricky but I'm sure we'll work it out together. 


We have been having our daily phonics lessons and have spent some time practicing writing simple words like 'CAT' 'SAT' and 'PAT'. Some of us have been velcroing the letters in the right order, whilst some of us have been practicing our writing skills.


In Topic, we read a story called '10 little lights' all about animals in the snow. We then created a snowy picture using a snowflake stamp and some white paint, we then sprinkled silver glitter all over the snowflakes for a magical winter scene. 


In 'Understanding the World', Mr Byrom-Jones taught us all about the rain, we used cotton wool to make our clouds, and pipettes with blue paint in to make the raindrops. We then tipped up our picture and watched the rain run down our page. 


In PSD, we read 'The Messy Magpie', all about a magpie who collects lots of rubbish for his treasure and ruins the environment he lives in. At the end of the story, Morris the magpie realises what trouble he has caused and goes litter picking around his local park, and takes all the rubbish to the recycling centre. We talked about the differences between rubbish and recycling, and then we went to check our playground for litter. It turns out Morris must have been flying over our playground as there was lots of rubbish for us to collect, right in the middle of our playground!


It was Friday before we realised, we spent some of the morning baking, like we do every Friday! This week, we were inspired by our '10 little lights' story, we made vanilla cupcakes and then covered them in icing and put some snowdrops on them, the snow tasted a lot like white chocolate to us!


Have a lovely weekend, see you all soon!


Miss McLaughlin


WC 03/01 - Happy New Year!


Welcome back Rosen Class! It is so nice to see everyone again after the Christmas holidays. We have welcomed a new little boy over the holidays, and we have also welcomed a new member of staff. 


It was lovely to see photos from all those who had shared what the got up to over the holidays, it looked a lot of fun! 

This term our topic is all about the weather. We'll be learning signs for different types of weather, what weather normally comes in the different seasons, and how to get dressed appropriately for the weather. We're hoping that our new topic brings a bit of sunshine as its very chilly recently!


We've done quite a lot of work for our first few days back! We've focused on Phonics and Numeracy to see what we remember from before the holidays. We've also done PE and lots of play to burn off all our holiday energy. And of course, we did our weekly baking session!



A very Moor Hey Christmas 


December is always a busy month in school and Rosen class has been no exception! We have done lots of arts and crafts, fun and games and prepared for our Christmas Production. 

For the Christmas production, we played the 1950s, and danced our way around a Christmas tree to "Rockin around the Christmas tree" We got dressed up in our white shirts and our bow ties, and danced in the hall. We spent lots of time practicing and we were a little nervous, but we did a great job for the dress rehearsal and an even better performance for the main event. 


We also had our class Christmas lunch, for some of us this was the first time we had ever been in the hall to eat before. We all sat together as a group and pulled crackers, then had our meal together. Even though it got quite noisy and busy in the hall, we all did really well. 


We also had a Christmas party in class, we did lots of party games and singing Christmas songs. We also gave out gifts and Christmas cards to all our friends. In the last week, we spent a lot of time with our friends in Donaldson Class, we went into the hall with lots of sensory lights and equipment, and played Christmas music whilst we had our own sensory party.

Its been a lovely few weeks, we've had so much fun and really enjoyed the festive season. 

WC 29/11 - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...



It's been another unbelievably hectic week in Rosen Class, we've had so much fun! 

This week we started learning all about Money in Numeracy, we explored giant coins that had been hidden in lots of different textures like rice and cereal. We also set up the very first Rosen Class fruit and veg stall! We took turns being the shopkeeper or the customer and focused on purchasing different fruits for different prices. This was great fun, it allowed us to learn more about money but also made us practice important skills like waiting and taking turns!


In Literacy we have been focusing on Phonics, we have been using different methods of messy play like playdough and shaving foam to write our letters in. We have also spent extra time focusing on our class reading books and perfecting writing our names. Some of us still need lots of practice but we are so much better at it than we use to be. 


In PSD we have been reading a book called "A is for Autism", this is all about how different people do different things, and it is helping us understand why sometimes our peers may not always behave in the same way we do. This also meant we could have a really important talk about good and bad choices. We all sat together as a class and talked about the different choices we could make and whether that would be good or bad. We knew that hitting and shouting is a bad choice, and that asking for help and sharing is a good choice. We made two big posters of our choices, and they are now proudly displayed on the classroom wall to help us remember. 


The best part of the week has been preparing for Christmas. We got lots of decorations and put them all around the classroom, working as a team and spending time together, which is the most important part of being in Rosen Class. 


Have a great weekend everyone! 

Miss McLaughlin



WC 22/11 - The Enormous Turnip 


Its been such a busy week! Where to start...


In Literacy, we have been reading a story all about a farmer and his enormous turnip! We read it as an interactive book, so took turns turning the page on the internet. We then pretended we were turnips and Miss McLaughlin had to try and pull us out of the ground whilst we were reading. It was so much fun!!

We have also been working hard in Phonics, every week we do messy Phonics, where we explore different letters in a tray and they are covered in something different! This week our letters were covered in red rice crispies!! It was so much fun!


In Numeracy we carried on learning about shapes. This week was a bit trickier, we had to match shapes together, even though they were different colours and sizes. We were very good at it once we'd worked out what to do! Some of us focused so well on our work that we got some house points!

We also practiced our fine motor skills this week, we had boxes available with lots of threading equipment in them. This meant that we could thread beads onto string and practice our fiddly skills. We also had boards that we had to put bolts and screws through and fasten them on, but that seemed a bit complicated to me. 


In Understanding the World, Mr Byrom-Jones took us on another adventure to Italy this week. We decorated the leaning tower of Pisa out of penne pasta pieces. We also made pizzas, just like the ones we had designed the week before. 


In Music, we have been practicing for our shining moment in the school performance. Some children may be nervous, but I hope they have the best time with some great memories!


The best part of the week was our PE lesson on Thursday. I had got a a load of equipment out, like the balance benchs, the high platform, scooter boards, the jumping platforms and the Hula Hoops. It was so nice to see children that have been typically nervous getting stuck in and trying new things, especially when it came to climbing onto the top of the platform and jumping off! 

WC 15/11 - Chapatti Moon


This week started off a little differently, on Monday morning we went on our first school trip of the year. We joined Ion and Scott class on a trip to the Vue cinema to watch Dogtanian and the three Muskehounds. For a lot of us it was the first time we had ever been to the cinema, and we had lots of treats like biscuits, popcorn and juice cartons. We really enjoyed the cinema!

In Literacy, we have been reading Chapatti Moon, we did lots of work labeling the characters in the story and talking about how they are different. In Phonics, we made a big tray full of Chapatti Mix and practiced writing letters. 

In Numeracy, we started a new topic all about shapes. We started the week by listening to different songs about shapes and practicing with our shape boards. As we got more confident, we went on a shape hunt around the playground. We had to find a shape and take it to an adult, and together we would work out the name of the shape! We loved all the extra time outside! 

In Understanding the World, My Byrom-Jones taught us all about Italy. We practiced the signs for words like pasta and pizza! We decorated the Italian flag with different coloured sands, and then we designed a pizza! We had lots of dun picking all the different toppings we would have! 

On Friday, it was children in need day. We started the day off by talking about what the day meant and why it was important, we then decorated a giant Pudsey together as a class.

In the afternoon, we decided to make cupcakes. We experimented with lots of different food colouring and made some very strange looking cakes, but we had great fun decorating and eating them!

WC 08/11 – Handa’s Surprise


The week we have been reading Handa’s surprise. In Literacy, we talked about the different animals and fruits in the story, we printed animal masks and role played the different animals stealing from Handa’s fruit basket, it was great fun!
In Topic we made fruit kebabs; we used all the different fruits from our story. We used communication boards to talk about which fruits we liked and didn’t like and to ask an adult for more. Of course, we had to try all the fruits first. The mango and grapes were a big hit!

In Numeracy, we have been looking at repeating colour patterns. We used the building blocks to make repeating towers out of different colours. Some of us used more than one colour!

In Understanding the World, Mr Byrom-Jones taught us all about France. We tried different foods and decorated a French flag. We used baguettes and food coloured milk to paint the flag.  In another Topic lesson, we learnt about Remembrance Sunday and what it means to us. We decorated two massive poppies made out of cardboard to celebrate. It was very important, but fun to paint with friends.

WC 01/11 - The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Welcome back after the holidays! This half term our topic is “Come dine with me”

This week we have been reading “The very hungry caterpillar”. In Literacy, we explored the story sack together and worked through the different activities like sequencing the story, using playdough to complete scenes and size ordering objects from the story. We also decorated mini rolls to look like caterpillars as part of our Topic lesson.

In Numeracy, some of us have been learning about number bonds to 10 whilst others have been looking at number recognition. We used sensory items like shaving foam to draw over some laminated numbers. The rest of us used Numicon to make our number bonds up to 10.

In PSD, we talked about having good oral hygiene and looking after our teeth. We sang a song about brushing the germs away, and then we used toothbrushes to brush our laminated teeth until they were nice and clean!

In PE this term we are starting gymnastics. We set up lots of different equipment in the hall like hurdles, scooter boards, a tunnel and a jumping platform. We explored all the different equipment and spent lots of time practising our gross motor skills and having fun!



Our first half term


The first half term has been very hectic in Rosen Class! We've spent a lot of time getting to know our new classmates and teachers. Our topic has been "With a little help from my friends" focusing on ourselves and the importance of being a good friend.
In Literacy we have been looking at different stories about friendship such as 'Just Being Ted' and 'The Snail and the Whale'. We read the stories as a full class and then focused on labelling the characters in the story and some of us even started writing descriptions of the different characters!

In Numeracy we have been looking at counting from 1-10, some of us went as high as 30! We also started learning about patterns and repeating sequences, we did this by making patterns with different coloured blocks. We also spent a week learning about tall and short. We compared ourselves in groups and put us in order from tallest to shortest. 

We covered lots of different things in Topic, ranging from Science week to the start of Autumn! We learn something new in Topic every week which is relevant to the world around us and what special days might be coming up. 

We have also been cooking once a week, making sweet treats like biscuits and cakes. We always do cooking as a group, taking it in turns to mix the ingredients. The best part is trying our treats after all the hard work. 

As a class we have also started travelling to Bamber Bridge leisure centre for our swimming lessons. We have all loved going in the water with our teachers, for this half term we have been concentrating on water confidence and being happy in the pool. In PE we have been focusing on our gross motor skills by aiming when we kick or throw a ball. This has also helped us learn how to play and win at skittles. 

We celebrated some key events in school, such as Black History Month and Halloween. For Black History, we read Mama Panya's pancakes, afterwards we decorated and ate our own pancakes! We also learnt about tribal masks and made our own from cardboard and glitter.


We've fit so much into one half term, its been great fun and we've all become such good friends in Rosen Class. From now on, we'll keep you updated every Friday with what has been going on at school, we'll even post some greats pictures of our class in action for you! 


Speak soon, 

Rosen Class