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Moor Hey School
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Potter Class

Welcome to Potter


Class Teacher:

Mr G. Byrom-Jones


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs H. Feeney

Miss J. Geoffroy

Mr. I Carter (2 Days)


W/C: 23rd May


We are ready for the half term break. This is what we have been up to this week.


English /Phonics 


This week we have concluded our work on the Wizard of Oz. On Monday we compared the book to the film by completing a Venn Diagram ( the shoes in the original story are actually silver !) and on Tuesday we retold the story with the aid of picture whilst some of us built sentence about the plot using colourful semantics . We finished the week by creating our own tornado poems . First we watched some  tornado video clips and listened to some audios and thought about lots of adjectives to describe the sound, the damage they cause as well as considering our own thoughts and feelings . We also participated in a tornado drill like they do in some parts of the USA and hid under the table when they heard the siren ! Using the adjectives we turn created the tornado poem . Mr Byrom-Jones , Mrs Feeney and Miss Geoffroy were very impressed !!

 In phonics some of us have continued to build CVC words from phase 2 whilst most of us have been identifying and writing words with the /ar/ sound . We were quite surprised how many there were . 



This week Maths we have been learning about weight . Earlier this week we were given 




In Science we have concluded our work on the seasons . We picked some twigs on the school grounds and each of us made four trees , each representing the 4 seasons . We then produced some lovely art work to illustrate the four seasons . Don’t they look great ? Well done Potter  Class ! 



This week we have completed our topic ‘Manchester to Mumbai . On Tuesday we recapped on our knowledge of Mumbai , before learning about rangoli patterns ( with a vast majority of the population of Mumbai being Hindus ) . We looked at some rangoli patterns and learnt about how they were created to welcome visitors and bring good luck , particularly during Diwali . We then had a good a chalking our own on the school playgrounds as well as colouring in our own . We even tried to make them symmetrical ! In continuation with our topic we also sampled some Indian cuisine - curry , rice , poppadoms, naan bread and Bombay  potatoes . We consolidated our understanding of Manchester and Mumbai by competing a Venn Diagram to highlight the similarities and differences . We discovered that Manchester is a diverse and cultural city .


In other areas of the curriculum :


PE - We have continued with our Bollywood dancing 

Communication - we have learnt some Makaton signs to support teaching and learning in the classroom . They have included ‘First’, ‘Next’, ‘Help’ and  ‘Toilet’. 


It was lovely to see some parents  / carers at the school’s jubilees celebrations . We hope you enjoyed yourself .


Have a lovely half term and enjoy the jubilee celebrations

Maths - Weight

Weight - Comparative Language

Science - Seasons Work / Display

Topic - Rangoli Patterns

Topic - Indian food tasting

Topic - Venn Diagram Comparing Manchester and Mumbai

W/C: 16th May 


Another busy week in Potter Class. This week we have continued to learn about the 'Wizard of Oz', melted witches, made pizzas as part of Mathematics and learnt about Mumbai. We have also done some preparation to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee next week.


English / Phonics 

We have continued with the fantasy text 'The Wizard of Oz'. Some of us started off the week by drawing the wizard from actual descriptions from the text, whilst some of us made a Wicked Witch of the West Wanted Poster. On Tuesday we had lots of fun by making model witches out of bicarbonate soda and green food colouring before 'melting' her using vinegar! We have also thought about if we had a magic pair of shoes where would they take us, with examples including New York, Blackpool and Nanna's house.

 In phonics some of us have continued to build words from phase 2 whilst most of us have been learning the 'oo' sound in phase 3.



This week we have been learning about fractions and recognising fractions as two equal halves. Some of us practiced our halving skills by cutting up fruit and on Tuesday we practiced our halving skills by making pizzas and splitting them into two equal parts. Another group have been finding half of shapes, made and halved pizzas before finding half of quanities. 




For our topic 'Manchester meets Mumbai'. We have been learning about Mumbai itself. After watching a video about Mumbai, we found out that it was previously called Bombay and is a very diverse city. After colouring in a map of India and identifying Mumbai on a map we made a Shanty town like the ones found in Mumbai, out of junk modelling.



In other areas of the curriculum

- We have participated in Bollywood dancing, undertaken some crafts for the Jubilee and sang 'Bringing us Together' during our music lessons.



Have a good weekend 


Potter Class 

English - 'Wizard of Oz' Melting Witches

English 'Wizard of Oz' Magic Slippers

Maths 'Fractions'

Topic 'Manchester meets Mumbai ' Bollywood Dancing


It has been a while since we have updated this page however normal service has been resumed! Mr Byrom-Jones teaches Potter Class full time, and we are helped by Mrs Feeney, Miss Geoffroy and Mr Carter (2 days).

During the past few weeks Mr Banks has taught us Place Value  in Maths and Indian folk tales in English. With Mr Byrom-Jones we have been learning about multipication and the fantasy story ‘The Wizard of Oz’. We have also been learning about Manchester and it’s history during the topic ‘Manchester meets Mumbai’ as well as learning about the Manchester artists L.S Lowry (making our own L.S Lowry scenes) and drawing and painting some Manchester landmarks. Next week we will be focusing more on Mumbai and making comparisons between the two cities.

 We had a French Day in school on Thursday 5TH May and on 12th May we had a Rosen day – in honour of the children’s author / poet Michael Rosen, who one of our primary classes are named after.

 During our French day we  located France on a  map, collaged a flag , learnt the names of French colours( and participated in the party game ‘corners’ to support our learning), learnt and played boules before having a French food tasting session in the afternoon. We had lots of fun!

For Rosen Day Mr Byrom-Jones read us Rosen’s poem ‘Chocolate Cake’ before we watched him performing it. We found him to be quite funny and animated! After that we worked collaboratively to make our very own chocolate cake! In the afternoon we got to taste and we had to use lots of adjectives and create sentences about the chocolate cake with some of us using colourful semantics.  Please have a look at our photos below:

What a busy 2 weeks ! Below you can find out what we have  been learning since the 28 February.


W/C: 28th and 7th March 



During the past two weeks we have been learning about the fairy take ‘Sleeping Beauty’. During the past 2 weeks we have listened to the story , made Christening invitations , written character descriptions , newspaper reports , retold the story , watched the Disney version and acted it out ! Phew! We have have also incorporated our own learning targets into our work . Next week we are going to look at the original version of the story and it is quite different ! 

 We also explored graphic novels as part of World Book Day and undertook lots of activities relating to superheroes including making our own city scapes, scavenger hunts and superhero puppets. 

 In phonics most of us have been learning about the ch and sh sound whilst some of us having been using magnetic letters to build CVC words from phase 2 phonics . 



We have been incorporating lots of communication activities in our lessons . We have really enjoyed learning the song and signs to ‘Long, long ago ‘ with the aid of signing hands ( see below ) as well learning the makaton signs of weather , linking to our Science topic . 



In Maths most of us have been finding the difference between two numbers and have used concrete aids such as unified cubes and Numicon to support our learning  This week we have all been learning about money . Some of us have been counting pennies and some of us have been making different amounts to 10p and 20p using different coins . We have participated in lots of activities to support our learning , which have included the use of 

computer software , bingo  and practical activities such as shop role play to support our learning . 



In Science we have been learning about weather . Some of us have been matching pictures to different types of weather to pictures whilst some of us have been illustrating different types of weather and using vocabulary associated with it. We have also been learning the Makaton signs for weather (see below). Why not have a try at learning these at home?



In topic we have been learning about Elizabeth I. We listened to a lively song (see below)  to support our learning and drew a portrait of her before colouring them in with oil pastels. 



This week it was International Women's Day and to celebrate we drew a picture of an important person in our life. However prior to this we were surprised to learn that women were not always treated the same as men in the past! For example they couldn't vote and their career choices were very limited. 




Have a lovely weekend

Dahl Class

World Book Day - Superheroes


Makaton - THERE WAS A PRINCESS LONG AGO - Singing Hands

A traditional song by Singing Hands with Makaton signing! This song is featured in our third nursery rhymes DVD "It's Signing Time " released in Spring 2016....

Maths - Money

Topic - Elizabeth I portraits

Queen Elizabeth I: "Boyfriends Are Trouble" | SUNG HISTORY

Queen Elizabeth I ruled England for 44 years. How did she manage that? She did it alone!CLICK HERE FOR MORE SUNG HISTORY: "Boyfriend...

Makaton Topic - WEATHER - Singing Hands

This week's theme for our #Makaton Topic video is #Weather and we've enlisted the help of Mr Blue Sky himself - Wilf! Given that Wilf has the best suit for ...

W/C: 21st February


We hope you had a lovely break.  We have welcomed  Rosie into our class next week. Here is what we have been up to this week.


English / Phonics

This week we wrote about our half term. It was lovely to hear what we have all been up to, including walks in the park. We then produced two leaflets about our roleplay experiences linking to our work ‘On the Continent’ with one leaflet about South America and the continent of Brazil and another leaflet about the African continent Kenya (see below).

 In phonics most of have been learning about the ‘qu’ sound and have undertaken lots of practical activities to support our learning including our favourite sound hunt outside.



This week in Mathematics most of us have been learning about the difference between two numbers and we found this a bit tricky at first! To support our learning we decorated biscuits with two different amounts of smarties. After decorating them we had to compare the amounts and find the difference by saying how many more. Later in the week we used cubes / number lines to help us find the difference. Another group also made biscuits but had to add one each time (up to 8)



We have revisited seeds and plans and discussed what they needed to grow. We then decorated our own egg shells, put cress seeds in them , soaked them  in cotton wool  and put them in a sunny place. We are looking forward to egg and cress sandwiches this week! We have also put some cress seeds in the cupboard to see if the dark has any affect.



In our topic ‘On the Continent’ we have visited Africa and Australia. For Africa we focused on Kenya and roleplayed a safari. We really enjoyed seeing all the animals on the interactive board and even got squirted by an animal (Mr Byrom-Jones with a toy elephant and a spray bottle). We then roleplayed a Kenya village and ate  rice and flatbread. We also learnt that Kenya was hot and dry.

 For Australia we located it on a map and remembered that it was the smallest continent. We also had the opportunity to look at an Australian didgeridoo (it was quite difficult to play). We roleplayed the plane journey on Quantas and once in Australia we saw the Sydney Opera House, Ayers Rock, and got wet again when visiting the Great Barrier Reef. We later sampled some Australian food which was fairy bread and vegemite on toast with the latter not being very popular.



This week has been a whole focus on ‘Speaking out to say safe’ and Dahl class recapped on appropriate and inappropriate  touching. Using resources from the NSPCC we coloured in a body map on appropriate places others can touch and inappropriate places that can’t be touched. Well done Dahl! You were all very sensible and mature.


Have a good weekend

Dahl Class


Next Week:

Sleeping Beauty

Comparing Numbers

Weather in Science

Topic – The Crown






Maths - Adding 1 and Finding the difference

Topic - 'On the Continent' Africa

Topic - 'On the Continent' Ausralia

Fine Motor / Regulation

W/C: 7th February


Another busy week in Dahl. We are certainly ready for the half term. Here is what we have been learning this week.


English / Phonics:

This week we have continued to learn about the continents of North and South America (see below) and written postcards / leaflets about our roleplay experience. Once again, some of us have use the Purple Mash software to create postcards.

 In phonics we have been continuing to work on our different phases. Phase 2 have been build words with the aid of the letter sounds s a t p, whilst another group have recapped on the /z/ and /zz/ sound as well as completing a comprehension exercise based on the phonic sounds we have been learning and recapping on so far. We concluded the week with a phonics treasure hunt and once again had a go at writing the words based on the picture. 



The focus of Maths this week has been on time. Some of us have been sequencing pictures of daily events, as well as sorting different pictures into different groups relating to time, such as:


-Activities we do during the day / night

-Activities we do before school / after school 

-Activities we are doing now / next.


Another group have been answering questions based on their school timetable and a fictional tv guide , as well as measuring activities they can do in a minute (e.g singing the alphabet and writing their name) and reading the time at hourly intervals.



We have continued to learn about plants. Some of enjoying exploring the tuff tray to see what was in the soil, where we found leaves, twigs, seeds and (rubber) worms! Another group have been doing some leaf printing and talking about their properties whilst another group have revisited lifecycles and illustrated the life cycle of a plant on a paper plate using actual seeds.



During our topic work we have 'visited' the continents of North and South America. For North  America we roleplayed a visit to Florida and once in Florida we roleplayed a visit to Disney World and had breakfast with Snow White! For breakfast we had pancakes with maple syrup and they were delicious.

 For South America we 'visited' Brazil'. For Brazil we learnt about the statue Christ the Redeemer  and listened to the sounds of the rainforest. We learnt that the rainforest was home to lots of plants and wildlife and that whilst it was very hot it also rained! We tried some fruit associated with Brazil. which include mango, passion fruit, papaya and coconuts. We concluded our Brazillian experience by roleplaying the carnival with the carnival masks which we made earlier on the week. 




This week we it has been Children's Mental Health week. We started the week off by reading a 'A huge bag of worries'. Mr Byrom-Jones modelled what it was like to carry your worries around with you all the time and that it wasn't very nice. We then thought about what our worries might look like, and after everyone made their worries into a monster (like in the story) using playdoh, we squashed our monster after sharing them. By doing this we said that talking about our worries can 'be squashed' if we share them with other people and talk about them.

 On Thursday we focused on self-esteem and read the story ' The Dot'. The girl in the story did not believe in herself until her teacher told her to draw a dot. The dot  and the experimental drawings with dots showed that Lashvi in the story needed to believe in herself as it showed imagination and creativity and thus inspiring others in the story. Mr Byrom-Jones told us all to draw a dot on their paper and to be creative by turning the dot into something else! We really enjoyed this activity with the dot being turned into different pictures such as transport, faces and flowers! We we very proud of ourselves.


Have a lovely half term. 


Dahl Class 



W/C: 31s January


This week we have caught up on our ‘On the Continent ‘ work and have visited two continents. Here is what we have been learning.


English / Phonics:


This week we have finished ‘Flat Stanley and the Magic Lamp. We really enjoyed the ending.  After listening to the story we wrote a book review,

 We have completed lots of literacy work as part of the topic which have included leaflets and postcards. On Tuesday it was Chinese New Year so we took the opportunity to visit the continent of Asia and the country of China. After visiting and exploring China we made a leaflet using our knowledge. On Thursday we explored Antarctica and on Friday we produced leaflets, with some of us using our computing skills and the software Purple Mash to produce a postcard about our Antarctica experience! (see below)

 In Phonics we have continued to work through the sounds of phase 2/ phase 3. We have continued to participate in our phonics corners game and on Thursday we participated in our sound scavenger hunt , with most of us revising the /z/ and /zz/ sound. We then wrote the words on the whiteboard.




We have been learning about Position and Direction this week. To help us understand positional language we have participated in some dancing to help us. Songs with danced to and followed the directions to include ‘The Cha Cha Slide’, ‘Hokey Cokey’ and ‘The Pinocchio’. Activities in our differentiated groups to support our understanding of position and direction have included putting the dolly in different places when asked, putting pegs in a peg board and some of being introduced to some simple co-ordinates.




In our topic work ‘On the Continent’ we have ‘visted’ and explored the continents on Asia and Antarctica. We looked at Asia on Google Earth and remembered that Asia was the largest continent and found other countries including india and Pakistan before concentrating on China. We used the Chinese New Year Celebrations to support us with our learning and after ‘flying’ to Beijing we looked at the Chinese landmarks of ‘The Great Wall of China’ and ‘Terracotta Army’ before ‘visiting’ a Chinese restaurant. At the restaurant some of us chose to try noodles, prawn crackers and fortune cookies. We also made tiger masks as it is the year of the tiger.

 On Thursday we ‘visited’ Antarctica’ and we remembered that it was bigger than Europe and that nobody lives there. We roleplayed a boat journey to Antarctica (as there are no airports on the continent)  The  journey was wet and cold!! Once in Antarctica we saw penguins, sea lions and whales before settling down to watch the Southern Lights. We even had hot chocolate to keep us warm!




In PSHCE we have been learning about wants and needs and what is essential to human life. We recapped and learnt that shelter, clothes , food  are essential , whilst computers and Lego weren’t and therefore are wants.



During RE lessons we have continued to learn about ‘Why Jesus was a good friend’. We watched some clips from the ‘Beginners Bible Animated Bible’ which were about Jesus’ Miracles. We learnt that he was a good friend by turning water into wine and feeding 5000 people with bread and fishes!


Have a good weekend

Dahl Class












English /Phonics

Maths - Position and Direction

Topic - China / Antarctica

No blog last week as it was a strange week with absences . However this week we have revisited the Flat Stanley series, organised data in maths and learnt about Spain . 


W/C:  Monday 24th


English / Phonics 


This week we recapped on the story of ‘Flat Stanley’. Mr Byrom-Jones , Miss Clare and Mr Carter we’re all impressed on how much we remembered ! In this week’s story ‘ Flat Stanley and the Magic Lamp’ and meets a genie who grants him wishes  such as doing his homework , making him fly and accidentally wishing for a liophant!! We used this to think about our own own wishes as well as designing our own animal crosses! We had Tiraffes! , Bearaffes , Crinos and Cears! We had lots of fun blending animals and blending words to give them new names . By the end of the week we reviewed the story and all of us liked it !! 

 During phonics some of us have been working on phase 2 phonics and some of us have been working on phase 3. We have participated in lots of fun activities to support our learning which have include the phoneme corners game and a phonics treasure hunt  game outside .




This week in Maths we have been learning about data and collecting and recording data as Venn Diagrams and Pictograms.  Some of us have used toys such as  card and farm animals , whilst some of us have had to sort items / toys in different ways such as farm animals / zoo animals  and cars / not cars. Towards the end of the week we moved on to Venn Diagrams with over lapping rings and had to identify a common denominator. Well Done Joshua for identifying the pictures could be sorted to land animals , aquatic animals or both ! We concluded the week by making pictograms by counting the colours of jelly babies in a bag with some of us answering questions about our data. 




We have continued to learn about plants in Science and looked at seeds and seed dispersal . We worked in differentiated groups with some of us collecting seeds to make a flower mosaic with the seeds , some of us identifying plants in the environment and some of us beginning to learn about the life cycle of a plant .




We have been contrasting another European county with England this week and have been learning about Spain . We have learnt the colours of the flag , the language , the climate and the food before completing a fact file . We also identified  Europe /Spain on Google Earth and an Atlas . Towards the end of the week we role played a visit Spain ! We got our passport and boarded the flight to Spain . Once in Spain we used the lingo , saw some landmarks and tasted some delicious Spanish food  including churros , chorizo and sangria ( cranberry and orange juice with sparkling water !)




In PSHCE we have been learning about individual needs and that some needs are different to others  and some of the needs are the same . Examples of needs discussed include food , shelter , safety etc .


Next Week :


More Flat Stanley stories 

Position and Direction 

Visit to Asia and  Antarctica 

Sharing our homework 

Phonics / English

Maths - Data Handling

Science - Plants / Seeds

Topic - Spain

W/C: 10th January


This week we have been reading ‘Flat Stanley’ and we roleplayed a visit to London and had afternoon tea with the Queen! Please see below: