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Moor Hey School
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POD 2 Mr Byrom- Jones

Welcome to Pod 2


Teacher: Mr G Byrom-Jones 

Teaching Assistants: Mrs C Carter and Miss E Baker.



Hello and welcome to Pod 2. Here you will find updates on your child's learning (both in school and in home) with examples of work to complete when not in school.


Your son/ daughter will be given a folder at the start of each week with activities to complete their work. If your child is in Group 1 then they will be given work to complete 

on Monday and returned Friday. If your child is in Group 2 then they will be given work on Tuesday and  this will need to be returned the following Tuesday so work can be replenished for that topic.  Completed work can be photographed and emailed to 




W/C: 22nd February



This week our topic has been ‘Superheroes ‘and we have really enjoyed this topic , especially being able to dress up as superheroes.

 Mr Byrom-Jones started the topic of with a ‘What’s in the Box’ topic, before reading the story ‘Super Daisy’. We found out that Super Daisy wasn’t a fan of peas and had to save Earth from Planet Pea  otherwise there would be peas with everything! We then thought about foods which we did not really like and designed a planet showing this before writing about it. The next text we read was ‘SuperKid’ and we found out that he was an ordinary school boy who had super powers. After listening to the story we thought about ourselves as superheroes and what our super powers would be, ranging from the ability to fly, strength and laser eyes! Group 1 also made their own super hero comic.

 In Maths we have been measuring and measuring superheroes. Some of us started off the week by putting superheroes in size order (tallest to shortest) before moving on to measuring superhero figures with cubes. Another group has been comparing the size of two figures and two towers whilst another group have been measuring super hero characters in cm with a ruler.

 As part of the topic we have also drawn and painted our own city scapes which looked like we were flying above (don’t they look great?) as well as making super hero peg dolls and testing different materials to see which made the best superhero cape. From our results we found out that bubble wrap and bin liners / plastic made the best material for a super hero cape, as the materials proved to be waterproof, light and quite strong. 

 We have also danced to the song ‘Do you want to be a Superhero?’ and taken part in Miss Baker’s fantastic superhero obstacle course. A super week!


Next Week’s Topic: ‘Great British Bake

Superhero Stories and Role Play


Ordering / Measuring

Testing materials for a Superhero Cape


Superhero Obstacle Course Mission Impossible

Still image for this video
Super Tyler

WC: 8th February


Here we are in our last week before half term and it has certainly been a bit different!


This week our topic has been 'Land Ahoy -Pirates' and we have had lots of fun. We started the week as we usually do by undertaking a 'What's in the Box' activity led by Mr Byrom-Jones. We really enjoyed exploring the different pirate artefacts such as eye patches and the treasure chest. We then read a story about a foolish pirate who stole so much treasure his ship sank ! The book was called 'One Eyed Jake' by Pat Hutchins and it was one of Mr Byrom-Jones' favourite stories when he was at primary school. We then thought about lots of different adjectives to describe One Eyed Jake whilst some of us enjoyed mark making in the sand. We have also had the opportunity to dress up as pirates before making our own pirate wanted posters. Don't they look good? We had some some fantastic pirate names.

  In Maths we have done some fantastic adding with a pirate color by numbers activity, whilst some of us had to count and put the treasure in the treasure chest. We also went on a treasure hunt outside were we had to find thee chocolate coins, with the task linking to number bonds to 10 for most of us, whilst some of us were encouraged to explore and count. In Maths we also made treasure maps linking to co-ordinates and positional language. We all did really well with this activity.

 During the course of the week we have also made our own pirate peg dolls and foil boats. After exploring different objects to see if they would float or sink we then tested our foil pirate ships. The  boat that floated the best were the larger ones. We concluded the session by decorating our own gingerbread pirates.


Have a good half term

Writing and Wanted Posters

Counting , Adding and Treasure Maps

Pirates - Does it float or sink?

Gingerbread Pirates

W/C: 1st February


This week our topic has been based around the traditional tale 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. Mr Byrom-Jones introduced the topic with a 'What's in the box' activity were we were introduced to the characters and the setting. We then listened to the story and learnt the makaton signs for the characters. During the course of the week we have made our own playdoh trolls, troll wanted posters, troll menus and goat masks. We also chose different equipment to make bridges for the goats to cross (and for the troll to go under). 

 In Maths we have been working on subtraction and have been listening to some subtraction songs and have completed some subtraction activities such as trolls and bridges (snakes and bridges). We had lots of fun. Some of us have also been working on our personal targets with some of us sorting colours.

  Mrs Carter  taught us a robot dance in music were we put some rhythm to it, and Mr Whittle did  a treasure hunt with us in PE. 


Next Week's Topic is 'Land Ahoy - Pirates'



Story and Making Trolls

Goat Masks

Billy Goat Gruff Bridges


WC: 25th January


This week we have been learning all about Australia in our groups. Mr Byrom-Jones introduced the topic with a 'What's in the Box' activity , were we had to guess the names of the animals and objects from the clues. We then looked at Google Earth and found out that Australia was a very long way from England and it is also very hot. We then colored and mark maked an Australian map before making our own aboriginal didgeridoos in the afternoon using aboriginal patterns / dots.  During the course of the week we have also counted some  Australian animals, completed Australian color by number activities  as well as making our own boomerangs. Another group also used their fine motor skills to make their own threaded pasta snakes.  An activity which  we all enjoyed was making our own fairy bread (eaten at children's parties in Australia

) , were we were able to listen carefully to the instructions before sequencing photographs and writing about it. Some of us tried Vegemite but we weren't that keen! Have a look at the photos below , with some examples of home learning activities completed too. 



Introduction to Australia



Pasta Snakes

Fairy Bread