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Moor Hey School
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Monkey Puzzle Class

Welcome to Monkey Puzzle Class Page 

Class Teacher: Miss G Mason 

Teaching Assistants: Mr A Banks, Mr I Carter and Mr J Niven



This term we are looking at "Under the sea."



We have really enjoyed learning all about our new topic this week. 


This week in maths we have recapped and “consolidated counting within 20”. We have completed a range of activities to support our learning on this. On Monday, we counted amounts of fish. Some of us could sing the “1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive” song and could explore the fishes linking to the song. The rest of us count the fishes within 20 and even beyond which was amazing! On Wednesday, we had pictures of fish tanks and we had to stick down an amount of fish in the tank. We enjoyed sticking the fish on, some of us could do this up to 15 as it required a lot of thinking and touch counting to help us. On Friday, we played an ‘Under the sea’ counting game on Topmarks and some us could put the fish in the fish bowl, watching them swim in the water. 

In literacy this week, we have read “The Rainbow Fish”. We completed some activities around the story including collaging our own rainbow fishes using tissue paper and tin foil for the shiny scales. We learnt about how the Rainbow fish was kind when he shared his shiny scales with his friends under the sea. We also completed, a beach collage, using sand for the beach, yellow tissue paper for the sun, blue pen for the sky, and green pipe cleaners for the sea weed. We loved exploring the different materials. 

In topic this week, we have learnt about: “the world sea creatures live in and how it is different to ours”. We did a squiggle whilst you wiggle with blue paint, and sea creature stamps. We enjoyed seeing the different animals. On Tuesday, we did shell printing using real shells and paints, all our pictures are unique. On Wednesday, we explored various sensory objects we find at the beach. We learnt about some new objects like, egg shell cases and seaweed. On Thursday, we made fish biscuits by snapping a biscuit in half to make a body and the tail, we used blue icing sugar and edible googly eyes and sweets for patterns. On Friday, we have enjoyed more time on the big yard, having space to run, jump, balance and play on the big bikes. 


One of our friends has been on holiday to Wales and has kindly brought back some shells for all of us in Monkey Puzzle. Here is a picture of them in the box and a shell has been put in each of your bags as a gift.


Next week we are continuing with Under the Sea: What sea creatures live under our sea? 

Last term we looked at "People who help us"

W/C 24.05.2021


This week has been our last week on People who help us and we have learnt about People who help us at school. We have learnt about various people such as Teachers and other important people in school. 


In maths this week, we have been learning about ‘colours of uniform’ and using our prior knowledge to see if we could remember significant people who help us in our community. We did an activity on matching the correct uniform to the correct person. Some of us could match all three people’s uniform (firefighter, nurse and police) and could tell me what they were called and how they help us. One of us, hummed the 5 little firemen song whilst doing our work, showing clear understanding of the objective. We all could match the uniform to at least one significant person who helps us. Later in the week, we completed another activity, linking the vehicles to the significant people. We all did this really well and enjoyed looking at the different pictures of vehicles.  


In literacy this week, we have read the story: ‘People who help us: at school’. The story talked about the routine at school and we could link our routines to the story. For example, the story mentioned, counting and music time. Some of recognised that we do this during our school day just like in the story. The activities we did linking to this story were mark making and creating our own self -portraits, showing what we like to do at school. Some of us could express, write and tell me what they like to do at school. Some of the examples being, Waka waka – dancing, numbers, letters, singing and bubbles. Also, we made a collage of ourselves in our uniform by having a Moor Hey jumper, trousers and a picture of our faces. We look fantastic on our People who help us display! On Friday, we used the playdough to mould and manipulate it to make a face, some of us used additional materials to make a face, for example, googly eyes, beads and pipe cleaners for our hair. We have had lots of fun this week. 

In topic, we have focused on ‘All the fun things we like to do at school’. We have made gloop and added food colouring to make the gloop go various colours. On Tuesday, we role played being a teacher by helping Teddy put on a school jumper, we did a very good job! On Wednesday, we did some Personal, Social, Emotional Development work by making a friendship chain/ collage using the paints and big paper outside. We listened to a friendship song which we all enjoyed. On Thursday, we made our yummy people who help us biscuits using strawberry laces for the hair, teeth and lips for the mouth and icing pens for the eyes. We all enjoyed sitting and eating them together for afternoon snack time.  

On Friday we had some time on the Primary yard using the big bikes and the footballs. We also had snack outside altogether. 


Well done Monkey Puzzle, I am really impressed with all your hard work this half term! Keep it up and have a lovely break, 


Miss Mason 



In literacy this week we have been reading 'We're going to the dentist' story. We have learnt about lots of things, like how a dentist helps us and how many times a day we should brush our teeth. We've done various activities like brushing the crocodiles teeth using a toothbrush and real toothpaste. We also stuck teeth on the mouth making a smiley picture, this activity also helped our fine motor skills when picking the teeth up and sticking them on the paper. 

This week in maths we have been looking at 'Prepositions', through understanding when an object has been moved and where it has been moved. We all could follow instructions with a preposition in, for example, 'On top of the box' and 'inside the box'. Some of us could understand some more challenging prepositions like 'in front' and 'behind'. Later in the week we did this but with pictures. Some of us did this really well and some us preferred the real objects. Today, we have used the beebots to programme them to go a certain direction. We could all hold, touch and press the buttons on the beebot. Some of us could give an instruction to tell the beebot to go 'forwards,' 'backwards' and we had a challenge to see if we could instruct the beebot to go left or right.    

This week in topic, we did a squiggle whilst you wiggle using toothbrushes with white paint to brush the teeth on the paper. On Tuesday, we made our very own toothbrushes using lolly pop sticks, cotton wool and sequins to decorate them. On Wednesday, we had a new dentist kit and we used the different tools to fix and look after the teeth. Then on Thursday we made some teeth biscuits using icing pens and white marshmallows, they were very yummy! 

Monkey Puzzle news this week!

Today is Miss Gotts' last day with us in Monkey Puzzle and she has worked with us for a very long time. We wish her all the best of luck and big thank you for our lovely sensory hamper that we can lots of fun with in class on her behalf. Thank you Miss Gotts, from all of us in Monkey Puzzle. 




In maths this week we have been 'Exploring weighing objects' and some of us have been looking at mathematical language such as 'light and heavy'. On Tuesday we used the double sided scales to weigh various objects in. We all enjoyed watching the scales balance and move from side to side. Some of us identified that when one side was down it meant that it was the heaviest side. We used our trial and error skills to try and get the scale to balance at the same time, this was a tricky concept to grasp! Later in the week, we put our estimation skills to the test and we held objects in our hands to see if we could feel the weight of them. Some of us could then categorise them into two groups. 

This week we have been learning about Postmen and women and what job they do to help in the community. 

In literacy this week we have been reading a story called 'Postman bear' by Julia Donaldson. Then we completed various activities linking to our story, we started by making our own post cards. We learnt about what a post card is used for. Some of us did patterns and lines and some of us wrote names like 'Mummy'. On Wednesday, we decorated an envelope for our post cards to go in. We stuck lots of different colours of tissue paper to make them look colourful. On Friday, we posted our letters through the post box. We showed lots of enthusiasm towards doing this activity and enjoyed the experience. 

In topic this week we have been learning about 'What does a postman do?' On Monday we did a squiggle whilst you wiggle using the small world people to print paint on large paper. One of us said that 'the post man needs to walk on the path at the side of the road and not in the road'. On Tuesday, we created our very own post boxes which have gone on our display in class. We learnt that most post boxes in England are red but we could create our own coloured post boxes. On Wednesday, we decorated our own stamps and had some discussions that a stamp helps our letters get to where they need to go. On Thursday, we decorated our very own post men/ lady biscuits using red icing sugar for the uniform and silver chocolate balls for the buttons, they were very tasty! 


On Friday we have enjoyed some rewards time on the big Primary yard using the bikes and scooters. Well done Monkey Puzzle, another fantastic week of learning! 

W/C - 03.05.2021


Although this week has been a shorter week, we have still managed to get lots of things done! 

In maths this week, we have been looking at "repetitive patterns in various ways." On Tuesday we made patterns on a police car and looked at the two different colours 'yellow and blue'. Everyone's police car was different which was lovely to see! Some of us even identified that we needed to colour in the sirens on the top. On Friday, we made some jails using the cubes, some us showed repetitive patterns using two different colours and some of us could make our jails stand up which made them look real life. We have worked really hard. 

In literacy this week, we have been reading the story "Officer George". We went on a mission to help Officer George find the coins using a treasure map. Some of us could find the key using the map and could identify that it was near the sandpit. We really enjoyed this activity and looking at our new shiny coins.     

In topic this week we have made Police Officer badges using blue colours and glitter to make them sparkly. They have been put on our 'People who help us' display, Miss Mason is very proud of our work. We have enjoyed our new sensory toys that we have been bought. We love popping and squeezing them. For rewards this week, we are going out on the big Primary yard on the bikes and scooters. 


Next week, we are going to learn about Post men and ladies. We have got lots of fun activities planned! 

W/C - 26.04.2021

This week we have looked at how a Firefighter helps us. We have learnt what a Firefighter does and what they do to help the community. 


In maths, this week we have focused on “modelling taking away with real life objects”. On Monday, we worked on taking away objects by Miss Mason hiding them under a mat, we showed really good understanding and looking skills to find the object that had been taken away. Some of us did this with number lines and could recognise what the total was after taking away an object. On Wednesday, we played a game of bowling and had numbers 1-10 on the skittles. We had to throw the ball and knock down the skittles. Miss Mason “took away” the ones that we knocked down, showing how many were left over. We had to use our team work skills for this game! 

In literacy we read “Busy: Fire Station” and then we did some activities around the book, these included: a cut and stick activity of a Firefighter and their uniform. We identified where each part of their uniform went and some of us could name, label and write which parts of the uniform. We really enjoyed this activity. Then later in the week, we made fire pictures using orange and red paint and instead of using paint brushes we used forks to make a “flame” effect.

In topic this week, we have been looking at “How does a Firefighter help us?” On Monday, we used syringes as pretend hose pipes to wash the fire engines and to squirt water. The concept of using the syringe was tricky at first, but with lots of practice we could do it. On Tuesday, we made fire engines biscuits using: icing sugar, red food colouring, Oreos for the wheels and a blue sweet for the lights. We really enjoyed spreading the icing and most of all eating our biscuits. We also made walkie talkies that real firefighters use and these have been stuck in our Monkey Puzzle floor book for everyone to see. 


It has been another super week, keep up the hard work Monkey Puzzle and enjoy your long weekend! 

Singing Hands: Five Little Firemen - Nursery Rhyme - Makaton Sign Language

We sang and signed 'Five little Firemen' song.

W/C - 19.04.2021

This week we have been looking at how a vet helps us. We have learnt that a vet looks after animals instead of people. 


In maths this week we have been looking at "addition with objects" in various ways. Some of us could look at adding by retrieving small world animals from under a hidden cloth. This activity really got us engaged and we showed our curiosity to want to explore more. Some of us could count the animals to 10. The rest of us did this but with higher numbers and then explored adding one more and what number that would make. 


Later in the week, we did some stamping of animals. We looked at if we could recognise that when we stamped we was adding a pattern each time. Some of us did this to 5, to 15 and some of us even did the challenge were we wrote the numbers underneath the pattern, wow! 

In literacy this week we have been reading the story "Busy people: Vet". We did some activities linking to the story, including a picture and putting a stethoscope on the vet. Some of us could name the stethoscope and write a sentence about the picture. Later in the week, we decorated some biscuits by drawing some animals and patterns on them. Here are our finished products: 

In topic we have been looking at "Helping animals" just like a vet would. On Monday we did a "Squiggle whilst you wiggle" animal prints with the small world animals. We really enjoyed this! On Tuesday we made our very own bird feeders using bird seeds and coconut oil. We loved stamping the shapes. On Wednesday, we gave the animals a bath using soapy water like when the animals go to the vets. On Thursday, we explored a sensory tray and could retrieve the animals out of the tray.  


Because of the lovely weather, we have enjoyed lots of our afternoons having water play. We had lots of fun! 


W/C - 12.04.21
This week in maths we have been working on 'Consolidating counting in lots of various ways' and some of us have been working on our numbers between '10-20'. In order to do this we have completed various activities including exploring a 'What's in the box' with mysterious objects in. Some of us did some work on recognising a number line and being able to place our pegs on a particular number and understanding which way we go to find a bigger number. Later in the week, we did an activity using plasters and we had to put them in the nurses bags. Some of us counted to 10 and some of us even started from a given number up to 10. We worked extremely hard!

In literacy this week, we have been reading our new story called "Ness the nurse" By Nick Sharratt. We completed some activities around the story, including: learning about the different equipment that goes in a nurses bag. We learnt some new vocabulary such as: Stethoscope, thermometer, bandage and plaster. Then, we stuck these onto the nurses bags. We have also done a listening activity when Miss Mason and Mr Banks asked us to help the poorly teddy who needed a bandage. We really listened to the instructions and helped teddy. 

In topic this week we have learnt about 'how does a nurse help us?' We have done a creative activities and explored various sensory medias around the topic. At the beginning of the week some of us did a 'Squiggle whilst you wiggle' session with blue paint. We rolled the ambulances in the paint along the track. This really helps us with our gross and fine motor movements. Later in the week we joined in with some role play when Miss Gotts was the patient and Miss Mason was the nurse. We had to help Miss Gotts using the equipment out of the nurses bag. We had lots of fun doing this! Then, we made an X ray picture of our skeletons and some of us learnt that our skeleton allows us to move and keeps our bodies upright. 


Finally, we've had lots of water, sand play and have really enjoyed the big cars this week, especially with the sunny weather. 


On Friday we have completed activities in remembrance of Prince Philip. Some of us made some Prince Jackets using jewels and some of us made some flowers to remember him by. Miss Mason is very proud of our end product! 

Last term we looked at "Food, Glorious Food!"

W/C 21.03.2021


This week has been our final week on our topic "Food, Glorious food." We did this with a twist to incorporate Easter into our last week. 


In maths this week we looked at 3D shapes, we could explore the shapes and some of us could begin to name them. We found this a little tricky to understand because we could see the 2D faces on the shape, but we worked hard to try and remember the new names. Whilst exploring the new shapes, we could hold one in each hand, build towers and some of us built rockets showing our imaginations. 


In literacy this week we looked at the story "We're going on an egg hunt". We were very excited to hear this new story as we all loved, We're going on a bear hunt in Autumn. We could listen to the story everyday for 10 minutes and we found out what happened in the story. When Mr Cockerill came to listen to our story, some of us could tell him what the title of our story was. Our activities around the story were: creating an Easter egg picture and some of us could write a sentence "My Easter egg is.." We also, went on an Easter egg hunt, explored a sensory tray, had chocolate playdough and made Easter chicks using yellow feathers. 


In topic we became "Easter artists" and we decorated real egg shells with paints for the chick's home, did a squiggle whilst you wiggle using potatos to print egg shapes and made cornflake cakes. Also we did some dancing to some Easter songs, we especially enjoyed the Easter Chicka Boom song. We really enjoyed these activities during the afternoons. 


Have a lovely Easter break Monkey Puzzle, 

from Miss Mason. 

W/C 14.03.2021


This week we have continued exploring our Food Glorious Food topic. We have really enjoyed exploring lots of different foods this week. 


In maths, we have explored 2D shapes (Square, triangle, circle and rectangle) in a shape feely bag. Then we have completed some activities around shapes including, making our own playdough and then pressing the shapes into the playdough and looking at the prints the shape had made. We have also made fruit kebabs using fruits cut into the different shapes. Some of us knew that the kiwi was a triangle, mango - square, pineapple - rectangle and banana was a circle. We really enjoyed making these and eating them afterwards. Then on Friday we drew round some shapes, some of us could explore how many sides each shape has and how they felt. 


In literacy we have been reading the story "Don't put your finger in the jelly Nelly". We read the story and we all laughed when Miss' finger was being eaten by an 'alligrater'. The activities we did linking to the story was looking at the different foods in the story by putting our fingers through the pages and finding out what surprise was behind. Some of us could tell Miss what foods they were and we all gave the foods a try, we loved this! We also decorated a snails shell with sprinkles, and then tried some sprinkles after we had finished our work. 


In topic this week we have looked at using food in lots of various ways. We completed lots of exciting activities including, making banana milkshakes, some of us could help chop the bananas and switch the blender on, sticking chocolate hoops to an orangutan - linking to our story and making our own fruit pies. We loved the squirty cream the most! 


We have continued practising our Makaton signs during communication and have enjoyed lots of time outdoors having water play! 

W/C 08.03.2021 

We have all settled really well back as a class of 10 this week. 


In maths this week, we have been working on adding two groups together to find a total and recognise an amount. Some of us looked at this using 3 hoops and having a group of objects in each hoop and finding out the amount in each group. The rest of us fed groups of the same fruit to the hungry crocodile. Later in the week, some of us then begun to look at what a number sentence looks like and changing the groups to a number sentence/ problem. We began to explore what a + and = represents in a sentence. The rest of us used the cubes to represent two groups of objects.  


In literacy this week, we have been reading a story called Someone who swallowed Stanley. This story has linked in with our Science themed week in school. We learnt about why Stanley the plastic bag does not belong in the ocean and what could happen if rubbish gets into the sea and the damage it can cause to our creatures in the ocean. We did some activities like, making our own Stanley bag using various materials and colour, collaged a humpback whale from the story and made turtles using paper plates. We all loved getting creative.  


In topic, we have looked at different science experiments, we enjoyed activities including, growing cress seeds, looking at floating and sinking objects in the water tray, animals in the ice and how ice melts (we even got to eat some ice lollies, yum!) and friction, pushing small world cars through paint. We enjoyed exploring the different experiments.


We have also made some very special cards for our Mum's for Mother's Day. Have a lovely day on Sunday!  

W/C 01.03.2021


This week we have all really enjoyed our learning. In maths, we have looked at comparing two groups of objects. We did this by looking at the dinosaurs and putting them on two different plates to represent that they had a different amounts, we did this up to 5 and some of us up to 10. We did careful counting to find out what the total was and some of us could write the answers. Later in the week, we looked at this using a different representation such as the cubes. We compared groups by looking at the different sizes of the towers and identified that the bigger it was the more it had. 


In literacy we have looked at the story "Supertato" linking to our food glorious food topic. We all really loved this story and learning about the different vegetables in the story. Some of the activities we did were making a superhero plan and what qualities we wanted our superhero's to have. We identified different ones through pictures like: magic, can fly, kind, happy and helpful. Then, we made our own Supertato with real potatoes and materials like, lolly pop sticks, eyes, stars, pipe cleaners and tissue paper for the cape. We were all really proud of our end products! 


In topic this week we have been looking at personal hygiene. We listened to different songs which supported us with our activities linking to this, including washing our hands and what we do when we have a bath. Some of us could use different key words such as, soap, wash, sponge and dry. We used glitter to represent our germs and then we followed a washing hands routine. Also, we gave Spider man a bath and could follow instructions of which body parts to wash, like his head, tummy and feet. 


We have signed different vegetables this week using Singing Hands - Makaton. Well done Monkey Puzzle!

 I am looking forward to having you all back together on Monday 8th March.  

W/C - 22.02.2021

This week, we have worked really hard on our new topic. 


In maths, we have been working on comparing amounts more or less. We have completed various activities including, feeding the Hungry Caterpillar amounts of fruits that he ate on the different days. Some of us could recognise that the caterpillar ate more fruits on certain days and could go to 10 and beyond. We have also made caterpillar pictures and could stamp up to 10, we really enjoyed doing these! Some of us could complete a computer game of sequencing the caterpillar bodies in order of the numbers.

In literacy this week we have been looking at "The very Hungry Caterpillar" story. We have really enjoyed this story and have done lots of activities around our story. We have designed our very own caterpillars, some of used the same colours as the one from the story and some of used different ones. We have also created fruit collages with the fruits from the story. Some of us could write the names of each fruit using our phonics. We have also done stamping using relevant stamps to the story.
In topic this week we have looked at: All about me, foods I like and dislike. We have completed a lunch box activity where we chose foods we liked in our lunchboxes. We used our cutting and sticking skills to complete this activity. We have tried some fruit cocktail this week as part of our look, touch and taste session. Some of us ate the fruit cocktail, yum yum!