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KS3 Below Zero

Below Zero


Welcome to our home learning topic 'Below Zero'. Have a look at the video links below to see some video clips about our topic and have a look at the plan to see the types of things you will be learning.


Education City link:


Monday 30th November - Climate Change


Today our topic is climate change, watch the video clips below and have a think about what you could do to reduce your carbon footprint.

A message from Greta Thunberg.

An introduction to climate change for kids

A short film giving an introduction to climate change for use in the classroom.

How to Save Our Planet

Sir David Attenborough explains how humans can take charge of our future and save our planet.

This is the information you need for the work for Thursday and Friday this week. We will be learning about The Inuits.

Thursday 26th November


Friday 27th November
Below you will find the information to help you with your home learning for the 23-25th November. The worksheets and tasks will be coming through the post. There are also some videos with lots of information on them. 
Monday 23rd November

What Do Antarctic Explorers Wear? (Then and Now!) | Maddie Moate

Join me at the Polar Research Institute in Cambridge to find out first hand what Antarctic Explorers wore over 100 years ago! Greg helps me to see how modern...

What's on the menu in Antarctica - Polar Food

Ben Saunders talks us through what will be on the menu as he and Tarka take on the longest unsupported polar journey in history (The Scott Expedition) in Ant...

Polar Explorer: Jade Hameister | Best Job Ever | Nat Geo Kids

In April 2016, Jade became the youngest person in history to ski to the North Pole! Learn more about her and her polar adventure in this episode of Best Job ...

Tuesday 24th November 

28 Men Lost In Antarctica But What They Did to Survive Is Amazing- Ernest Shackleton

Sir Ernest Shackleton, a legend among British seamen and explorers, decided to build a crew for his famous Antarctic expedition. His new daring idea for a 'h...

Wednesday 25th November

History KS2 | Explorers: Robert Falcon Scott | BBC Teach

Robert Falcon Scott's ill-fated journey to the South Pole is brought to life in this short animated film for primary pupils. As we relive the epic adventure,...

Polar bears search for food - David Attenborough - BBC wildlife

What can you learn about Polar Bears?

Our Planet - Frozen Worlds

Explore the frozen worlds of our planet with Sir David Attenborough

Below Zero Plan

Best Antarctic Animal Moments | Top 5 | BBC Earth

It's about to get chilly as we recap the best Antarctic animal moments. From freezing deserts to icy waters, these desolate lands are home to some of the mos...

King penguins | Attenborough: Life in the Freezer | BBC

In a fantastic clip from Attenborough's 1993 series Life in the Freezer, Sir David demonstrates how inquistive baby penguins are. A great glimpse into the li...

360° Antarctica - Journey Through The Ice | National Geographic

Crash through a frozen ocean as we take you to Antarctica to come face to face with the curious locals that call this spectacular continent home. ➡ Subscribe...

An Up-Close Encounter with Bratatouille, a Bold Polar Bear in Churchill Manitoba (360 Video)

When The Wild Canadian Year crew wanted to film polar bears in 360, they set up their rig and crossed their fingers and waited for a polar bear to approach. ...