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Moor Hey School
A Mathematics and Computing Specialist College

Ion Class

Welcome to Ion Class 


Class Teacher:

Mr D Earl


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs A Stewart

Ms S Denton

Autumn Term 1

Our topic this half-term is 'Me and My Country'. We will name and locate counties and cities of the United Kingdom, geographical regions and their identifying human and physical characteristics. 

For science we will be looking at animals including humans. For computing we will be designing and developing computer games along with searching, sorting and networks.

In our PSHE sessions we will be looking at families and friendships; managing friendships; peer influence; safe relationships; physical contact and feeling safe.

In our English lessons we will be focusing on our phonics, with weekly library, handwriting and 'Big Write' sessions. 

Autumn Term 2

Our topic this half-term is 'Smashing Saxons' this includes: Anglo-Saxon invasions, settlements and kingdoms; place names, village life; Anglo-Saxon art and culture. 

For science we will be looking at electricity and circuits. In our computing sessions we will be creating web content using HTML. 

In our PSHE lessons we will be looking at respecting ourselves and others; responding respectfully to a wide range of people; and spotting prejudice and discrimination. 

In our English we will be carrying on with our phonics and library sessions but we will also be doing some reports and acrostic poetry. 


Spring Term 1

Our topic this half-term is 'Rivers and the Water Cycle' where we will describe and understand key aspects of physical geography, including: rivers, seas, and the water cycle. We will also be looking at the artistic style of Monet using water colours.

In science we will be studying living things and their habitats. For computing we will be designing and developing multi-level X:Box games. 

For PSHE we will be thinking about belonging to a community; protecting the environment; compassion towards others; and media literacy and digital resilience. 

In our English sessions we are going to start colourful semantics to help us with our sentence structure and continue with phonics for those who need it.  

For maths, we will be concentrating on place value, adding and subtracting with money and measuring.