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House point challenge

Monday 28th March 2022

Monday 21st March 2022

Monday 14th March 2022

Monday 12th April 2021

Easter holiday challenges

Easter holiday challenges we have a couple of food technology challenges. 


Monday 22nd March 2021


This week I would like to you make a marble run using cardboard boxes and tape






Monday 15th March 2021


Maori Art

Can you tell me who the Maori people are and where they come from?

They are the indigenous tribal people who live in New Zealand.

• Before the Europeans came over to New Zealand they were on their own on the Island for Centuries. During this time they had their own language, mythology and distinctive crafts such as weaving, carving and painting. Their art is a visible and strong symbol of Maori identity.

• Art was and is an integral part of their life. Carving was the most important form of art and an area one was trained in.


Whakairo - Maori carving

A lot of their carvings were not just decorative, each had a their own unique narrative. Storytelling is deeply entrenched in their traditions and history. Stories have been passed down through the generations telling of their cultural traditions and tribal histories.

• Traditionally, the carvers were men and they carved weapons, tools, musical instruments, canoes and decorative panels and post to adorn their important buildings.

• Carvers would decorate the wood with surface decoration made with a chisel and mallet.


Symbols and patterns

Maori carvings are very symbolic and the styles differ from tribe to tribe.

• There are six stand out symbols that are used repetitively; the koru, the twist, the manaia, the tiki, the fish hook and toki blade.

• Koru = new beginnings, growth and re-generation.

• Twist = path of life and strong bond between two loved ones.

• Manaia = messenger between the living and dead. head and body of a snake stands for guardianship.

• Tiki = first man in Maori myth. To connect with deceased family members; worn as a sign of remembrance.

• Fish hook = represent prosperity and safe travel over water.

• Toki blade = represents strength.

• More traditional patterns can include spider webs, fish scales and unfurling leaves of the fern plant.



Known as ‘Ta-moko’ in Maori, which means tattoo.

• Masks were made for protection, pride and entertainment. The Maori believed strongly in spirits and masks were made to keep the bad spirits away.

• They were also created from stories from history. Each line carved onto a mask meant something and was a way of remembering the story.

• Each mask design was different and each were considered to be holy.

• Originally these designs were not masks but tattoos, hence the name. These tattoos were carved into the skin with chisels and coloured with soot and kauri gum that inked the skin.

• Before the Europeans came to New Zealand these tattoos were traditional and high ranking members of society received them. Those who did not have any were regarded with lower status. The carvings and tattoos were symmetrical in design. The masks tended to concentrate on one colour and fill the rest in black and white.

• The masks are realistic but also exaggerated and may look scary so to scare their enemies away.

• See how they are made to look fierce with the mouth open, tongue sometimes out and eyes protruding.

These traditions are still entrenched in New Zealand culture today. The New Zealand rugby team perform the ‘Haka,’ their traditional war dance before each game they play, in the hope to strike fear into their opponents.

Have a go at colouring, painting or collaging one of the designs below. 





Monday 8th March 

This week we need to get out and about look for the signs of Spring coming. Getting out into the fresh air is good for both your physical and mental health. 




Monday 1st March 2021


This week I would like you to make a bridge out of spaghetti. Build you bridge and see what it will hold. It might manage a toy car or a Lego man. If it is very strong it may hold a book or even a cup of water. 







Remember to send me pictures of your bridge. You could bring it in to school on Monday the 8th of March to show me. 


Good Luck 

Monday 22nd February 2021


This weeks House Point challenge is Egg Box Crafting.






Remember to send your photographs through to earn your house points. 

Monday 8th February 2021


This week we are focusing on talking. Who will you communicate with? 

Remember to tell your teacher who you have been talking to and what you have been talking about.

Monday 1st February


This week it is Children's Mental Health Week. The theme is 'Express Yourself'

Have a look in the 'home learning section for more information. 



The first challenge on the Friendly February challenges is to send someone a message to 

say how much they mean to you. 

You could say that over the phone or record them a message. You could draw them a picture or write them a note. 

Monday 25th January 2021

This weeks house point challenge is a sporting challenge. 


Remember to send your scores in. I would love to see pictures too. 

Monday 18th January 2021


Last week I loved your tin cans. A special mention to Lewis W what a fabulous hot air balloon. 


This week it is an art competition - the title is 'A view from my window'

This means you can use ANY media (pencils, crayons, pastels, paint, collage, clay etc.) to create a piece of artwork which represents the view from your window. 

You could create a representation of:

  • The actual view from your window
  • An imaginary view from your window (e.g., a window into your dreams)
  • The view you want for the future when you look out of your window.


Therefore, it is completely up to you what you want to create! We felt this idea was fitting for our competition as we are all spending a little more time at home and there are so many different views from our windows.

Please keep your artwork safe at home for the moment and when it is finished take a clear picture and e-mail it to me at Once we are back at school the artwork can be sent in and we will make an exhibition of all the entries! 


Once we return to school the winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded! Watch this space to find out more about the prizes.


That means you have 4 school weeks to complete this Art project as the closing date for submission will be Friday 12th February.


Also, there will be 2 extra prizes - one for the best submission from a grown up at home and one for the best submission from a member of staff at Moor Hey School. This means everyone can get involved, no matter how young or old!

Some suggested steps for getting started:

  1. Start sketching and gathering some ideas and views from your window, looking at composition and a subject or view that interests you.
  2. Take your pen for a walk and sketch the view first.
  3. Think about these questions:
  4. Do you want to include the window frame or not?
  5. Do you want to include an interior scene with outdoors?
  6. What view do you get in different directions?
  7. Is there something that is fun or sends a message?
  8. Can ordinary everyday objects make an interesting subject?
  9. Include the main shapes and ideas in your sketch. Include the tones so you pick out lights, darks and medium shades.
  10. You can work in any medium that you like. Think about complementary colours and mix them rather than straight from the tube (if using paint).

Below are some ideas:




Week beginning 11th January 2021


I hope you enjoyed your baked bean challenge last week and kept hold of your cans.


This week we will be UPCYCLING OUR CANS 


Use your tin can from last weeks’ baked bean challenge to make a new product for your home or garden. Draw out a range of different ideas on paper & annotate to show your inspiration. Make the product and send a picture in.



Send me pictures of your designs 

January 2021



Welcome back to school. 


Challenge for the week beginning 4/1/21


The Baked Bean Challenge 


(Please save your can for next weeks challenge)



December house point challenges


Christmas Themed 

Over the next couple of weeks have a go at some of the Christmas challenges. 

There are lots more activities on the Home Learning page inside the Christmas Star. 


Remember to send me pictures of your challenges to earn your points. 



Try some of these Christmas Crafts


Fitness House Point Challenge


Monday 30th December - Family Fitness 

Plan and set up a circuit or obstacle course of simple exercise. Some ideas include jumping jacks, running on the spot, squats, touching your toes, bouncing a ball and hula hooping. Create clear instruction cards for each exercise and draw a picture. 

Challenge your family to a 20 minute fitness session. 


Or try the fun video below


This weeks house point challenges are science experiments. 

You will earn 10 house points for each experiment you complete. 

Remember to tell your teacher what you found out. 


House point challenge 16/11/2020


This week is anti bullying week in school. 

We will be looking at all things related to keeping ourselves safe, kindness and friendship. 


This week I would like you to take part in a poster competition. 

Design a poster using pencil, pens, paint or the computer to highlight either friendship, anti bullying or keeping safe online. 


The posters need to be handed to Mrs Padgeon by 3pm on 20th November 

Remember your odd socks on Friday 


Here are some examples to give you an idea




House point Challenge 9/11/2020


Wildlife Week 



Get out an about in your garden an make something to help the birds, insects or wildlife survive this winter. 

There are two ideas above that you could choose. 


Remember to share your ideas with me. 

House points challenge 2/11/2020


Please observe Remembrance safely in your own homes

This is the message for Lancashire. The usual Remembrance day ceremonies will not be taking place this year.  Everyone has been reminded to stay safe and to pay their respects to the nation’s armed forces from the safety of their own homes.


PLEASE stay at home to pay your respects on Remembrance Sunday, 8th November

at 11am


Poppies in windows – a safe way to remember








For this weeks house point challenge I would like you to make a poppy to decorate your front window at home. 

You may want to make a larger display with your family. That is your choice. 


Send me a photograph of your display. 



Half Term House Point Challenge


Each challenge you complete is worth 20 house points. 


This half term we are looking at STEM. This will follow on from the wonderful STEM work you have been completing in class. 

May be you could make a marble run, carryout a science experiment or create your own maths challenge. 





The house point challenge for 19/10/20


Creating Autumn leaf pictures 


The leaves are falling from the trees and creating orange, brown and red carpets on the ground.


Collect and use some of the leaves to create your own picture. 





Can you create an animals picture using leaves? 

There are some templates attached to help you, or you can create one of your own. 

Challenge week beginning 12/10/2020


This week I would like to create a bubble display. 


Look in the mirror and draw a self-portrait into one of the coloured bubbles. 


Send you portrait through to me when it is completed 


Musical Challenge 5/10/2020

Please watch the following video - listen carefully to the music


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Paul Dukas


What do you imagine when you hear this music?

How does it make you feel?


Fill in the response sheet. 

Spanish challenge 28/9/20

House point challenge 21/9/20

Excellent examples of leaf pictures and printing from Butterfly class and 8RE




Star's leaning tower

House point challenge week beginning 14/9/2020


World’s tallest tower!


In 2020 the new world’s largest tower will be the Jeddah Tower, in Saudi Arabia. It will have 200 floors and will the reach 1008 meters high.


Use scrap paper and junk box materials to build a tower.


You might like to search for photos of the ‘Jeddah Tower’ to help you with your design.


What is the tallest tower you can build?


Show your teacher your tower or a picture of your tower to earn 10 house points