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Moor Hey School
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Welcome to the History Page



We aim to make History an enjoyable learning experience. At Moor Hey we teach British History, European and World History.

The following concepts underpin our study of History:

  • Chronological understanding – using dates that describe historical periods and analysing the characteristic features of periods and societies.
  • Cultural, ethnic and religious diversity – understanding the experiences and ideas in past societies.
  • Change and continuity – within and across periods of history.
  • Cause and consequence – analysing and explaining historical events.
  • Significance – considering the significance of historical events in the past and present day.
  • Interpretation – understanding how people form interpretations of historical events.


The following skills and processes are needed to enable our pupils to learn and make progress in History:

  • Historical inquiry – identify and investigate historical issues and reflect critically on historical questions or issues; devising their own questions to structure an investigation.
  • Using evidence – identify, select and use a range of historical sources, and evaluate the reliability and value of those sources, to reach reasoned conclusions.
  • Communicating about the past – present historical accounts using chronological conventions and historical vocabulary. Communicate their knowledge and understanding of historical events – developing writing, speaking and listening skills as they recall, select, classify and organise historical information.
  • In EYFS, Key Stages 1 and 2, History is taught alongside Geography in a Topic based format. Pupils will complete a History topic in one half term and then Geography a topic the next half term.

    In Key Stage 3 pupils have one 55 minute History lesson each week.

     In Year 9 the pupils are studying for the History ASDAN Short Course Online.



For pupils to have a varied and stimulating curriculum, and to develop an understanding of the world around them based on previous events. 


Year 7 made Druid Crowns