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Moor Hey School
A Mathematics and Computing Specialist College

Donaldson Class

Welcome to Donaldson Class

Class Teacher:

 Miss  G Mason


Teaching Assistants: 

Miss E Baker

Miss S Denton

Miss E Bell 


This term we are looking at "Marvellous me."

W/C: 20.09.2021


In literacy this week our focus story has been "Owl babies". We have done various activities around the story including decorating our own owls using various coloured feathers. We have also made our own nests using straw and black card. Some of us could describe the different textures of the straw, like fluffy and crunchy. We could manipulate the straw to make different shapes for the owls. Finally, we made our own owl handprints pictures. This week we have also started our phonics sessions again, beginning on phase 2 and some of us with previous knowledge are beginning on phase 3. We have really enjoyed Owl Babies this week! 


In maths this week we have been learning about big and small. We have learnt about this through the use of objects, such as big and small owls. We could hold, touch and describe which one was big and small. Later in the week, we ordered the owls from big to small using pictures and could stick them on our own strips. Some of could use the language, big, medium and small. 


In topic, we have continued our 'feelings' topic is Personal, Social development. We made our own flour balloon people, that we could squeeze and feel. We also made our own playdough faces using our "How do you feel playdough mat?". We have done science with Mr Banks, labelling our own body parts, made cornflake nest cakes linking to our literacy story, made our own wooden peg people and have decorated our own bird houses in Understanding of the World. We have continued with our PE sessions and are really looking forward to going swimming with Mrs Bell from the 5th October. We have begun doing the "Golden mile" every morning to get daily exercise and to socialise with other peers in Rosen class.

We have enjoyed this throughout the week! 


W/C 13.09.2021


This week has been a fantastic week in Donaldson! 


In Literacy this week, we have been reading the story “When a dragon goes to school”. This story focused on how the dragon made lots of friends through being kind. We’ve all really enjoyed listening to this story this week. We’ve completed some activities around the story including, creating our own schools using coloured card for different coloured windows. Each school looks unique and is our very own work. Also, we have made our own self portraits wearing our school jumpers and drawing our own faces. These have gone up on our “Marvellous me display”. We have played some music, called “Me!” on Charanga, we really enjoyed listening to the beat. 


In maths this week, we have focused on “counting and understanding quantities of a number”. We have consolidated this in lots of ways, by matching the numbers to quantity through building towers. Some us did this up to 3, 5, 7 and 10. Some of us recognised that the tower went bigger each time the number went up. All of us enjoyed lining up the different coloured towers! Also, we have done some threading of objects and counting them whilst physically threading. This helps our cognitive and fine motor skills for our fingers. 


In topic this week, we have focused on “us and our homes”. We have listened to lots of songs about our families and where we live. We have completed activities such as decorating gingerbread people that represent us and making collage houses out of lollipop sticks. In Personal, social development we focused on feelings and we made our own “eggspressions” by decorating an egg shell with an emotion. We all chose happy faces and some of us stuck stickers on too! 

For our dry swim session, we worked with Mr Banks and we did some role play dressing the doll ready for swimming. This provided us lots of practice and independence ready for when we go swimming. Finally, on Friday it was “Roald Dahl” day and we focused on Charlie and the Chocolate factory. We made sweetie wrappers, made our very own chocolates by melting chocolate and putting sprinkles in chocolate moulds and letting them set. We enjoyed tasting our chocolates in the afternoon! 

W/C: 06.09.2021

This week in Donaldson class we have all worked super hard and have been settling into our new class, routines and meeting new friends. We have had an amazing week and have been doing activities linking to our new topic. 


In literacy this week we have been reading "Colour monster goes to school." We sat, listened and looked at the story. We learnt about how colour monster felt nervous about going to school but once he went, he had a super time. We also learnt about the different things he learns in school just like we do. Some activities we have done are, painting our own monster picture, using paint and blowing through a straw to make the paint move. We loved seeing all the paint mix together! We also made leaf monster puppets using real leaves, goggly eyes, feathers and tape. 


In maths this week we have been looking at "counting" and seeing what some of us could remember from last year. Some of us have been counting to 3, 5, 10 and beyond. We have been focusing on touch counting and have linked this in with our weekly story. We put the small world monsters onto the school by counting a specific amount, we could all look and pick the monsters up. Later in the week, we had a sensory monster bag and some huge goggly eyes; some of us counted all the goggly eyes and put them on the monster. We all worked really hard on these activities!


In our topic work, we have played musical instruments, explored ice and paint, made 'me' biscuits and made our own person template in 'Understanding of the World'. We have also had our first PE lesson, we enjoyed exploring the new surroundings in the hall and using various equipment. In Personal, Social Development we learnt about 'feelings' and signed different ones following a Singing Hands video. Then, we met our new class teddy mascot that wears a school jumper just like us and we named his as a whole class, and gave him a cuddle. His name is Donald. 


Have a lovely weekend Donaldson class! 

(Pictures are to follow)


In summer term we looked at "Under the sea."

W/C - 12.07.2021


This week has been our last week before the summer holidays. It’s been a very different week with lots of fun and exciting things happening in school. 

On Monday we visited the Mrs Dowson’s farm, we enjoyed various activities like petting and meeting various animals, playing on the climbing frame and trying some different ice cream flavours. 

On Tuesday, we got to experience the samba drummers. We explored different instruments and made lots of noise playing them! 


We have still done lots of activities throughout the week to finish off our “Summer holidays” topic. We’ve read our story “Maisy goes on holiday” and we learnt about what Maisy packed in her suitcase and what she did on holiday. We packed a suitcase with various objects, like sun cream, sunglasses, sun hat and swimming shorts. Also, some of us decorated our own suitcases and we made aeroplane biscuits using sweets for the wheels. On Friday, we had a party day with party food, and lots of activities/ games to finish off our school year! 


Well done for a super year of hard work Monkey Puzzle, I look forward to working with some of you again next year and meeting our new friends who will join us in September, stay safe and enjoy the holidays. 


Miss Mason and the team. 


This week we have been learning about summer and holidays. 


In maths, we have been “exploring coins and what money is used for in various ways”. Some of us have explored this through holding and slotting the coins in the purse and the rest of us have looked at the numbers on the coin to find out what they represent. Later in the week, some of us did coin rubbing, by putting a coin under some paper and using a wax crayon to show the coin print on the paper. The rest of us went to the toy shop and used the till and coins to represent real life using money. On Friday, we used piggy banks to stick the coins on and some us slotted some coins into the real piggy bank.

In literacy this week we have listened to “Busy Holiday” and have done some activities around this book, like using our listening skills to put sun cream on the baby. We learnt that sun cream protects our skin in the sun. We have also explored our new toys during choosing time, like making ice creams (role play) and play with our small world plane and making runways. Some pupils said it was going to Africa and Lego land.

In topic this week we have learnt about ‘Holidays’. On Monday, we did a squiggle whilst you wiggle using an aeroplane, ice cream stamper and paints. On Tuesday, we had our sports day in the afternoon in our outdoor space, we played games like football, javelin and throwing beanbags into the hoops. We all joined in really nicely. On Wednesday, we made our very own passports, identifying our self portraits and some of us wrote numbers and our names so we knew which passport was ours. On Thursday (Transition Day) we met some of our new friends joining our class in September and we made our own ice cream with waffle cones and we could communicate whether we wanted chocolate or strawberry sauce on top. On Friday, we had rewards on the Primary Yard. 


Next week will be slightly different, as we have lots of things going on for our last week in school before the holidays. We have the farm trip on Monday, Samba drummers in school Tuesday, end of year awards on Thursday  and summer party on Friday. We have lots of things to look forward to!

W/C 28.06.2021

This week we have continued with our Pirate topic and have looked at celebrations. 


In maths this week, we have explored sharing in various ways by using real life objects to help us. We were all able to use the coins to give them to the pirate teddy’s and some of us could share 10 coins equally and count how many coins each teddy got and how it was fair. We learnt how giving a coin to each teddy made it equal. Also, we have learnt about sharing in other ways within the classroom, for example in friendships, sharing our toys like the numbers, cubes, play dough and musical instruments. 

In literacy this week, we have read 10 little Pirates. We loved how the story counted down each little pirate until we got to 0. The activities we did linking to this story included: making our own treasure chests with real treasure, making pirate invitations and pirate faces using paper plates!

In topic this week, we have been looking at ‘Pirate’s celebrations’. On Monday we did a squiggle whilst you wiggle making our own pirates and painting the pirates beards using our fingers. On Tuesday, we made our own parrots using feathers, we loved the material of the feather. On Wednesday we had our very own Pirate’s party with lots of party games, including, pin the patch on the pirate, pop up pirate, hunting for treasure in goo, walk the plank and we finished off with party food. It was lots of fun! On Thursday we made “All about me biscuits” as part of our journey ready for September. We have finished off the week with rewards time and tasty ice pops!



This week we have learnt all about Pirates and how pirates link in with “Under the sea”. 

In maths this week we have been looking at hot and cold within textures, weather and how to look after ourselves in different temperatures. On Monday, we explored ice and warm custard, we could put our hands in each tray and feel the difference between both. We enjoyed retrieving creatures from the ice and stirring the custard round and giving it a taste. Later in the week, we compared two different types of weather, cold and hot by looking at an Antarctic scene and desert scene and how they were different using the animals. On Friday we completed a cut and stick activity with two suitcases showing what different things we need for different weather, I.e. when it is cold, we wear a hat, gloves and scarf and in summer we wear a sun hat, sun cream and sunglasses. We all worked really hard this week! 

In literacy we read the story “Pirates love underpants”. We did some activities around the story, like creating our own underpants for the pirates and making paper plate pirate ships. We’ve enjoyed all these activities. 

In topic we have learnt about “what do pirates do at sea?” On Monday we did a squiggle whilst you wiggle using various media’s, like a pirates sword and coins to mark make in the paint. On Tuesday, we made our telescopes and Wednesday our own pirate’s eye patch. On Thursday, we made gingerbread pirates and used several different ingredients to make it, like edible eyes and strawberry laces for an eye patch and sword. They were very tasty! On Friday we had rewards time on the Primary yard, using lots of different equipment.