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Moor Hey School
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Donaldson Class

Welcome to Donaldson Class

Class Teacher:

 Miss  G Mason


Teaching Assistants: 

Miss E Baker

Miss E Bell 

Miss C John

Tiffany (Supply TA)


This half term we are looking at "Dear Zoo"

W/C 27.06.2022


This week in literacy we have been reading 'Through with the zoo' and we learnt about how the goat didn't like to be petted or hugged by visitors and decided to escape from the zoo, but then realised he was lonely without the zoo, so went back! We have done some activities around the story including making our own goat collages and ordering the story from the beginning, middle and end. In phonics this week, phase 2 group have done some 's' and 'a' initial sound matching and played an interactive game called 'In the zoo' practising listening skills, phase 3 have done 'zz' and practiced reading CVC words and phase 4 have done the blends lt and lp, 'belt, felt, melt and 'help, gulp, yelp' and practiced tricky words 'were, out, what'. 


In maths this week, we have been looking at position and direction, we do this in our day to day lives within the classroom, such as following instructions and listening for key words as to where to go. An activity we completed this week was with the stickle bricks and the small world zoo animals. We learnt about different directions the lion had to go such as, 'forwards, backwards, left and right'. Miss Mason made the maze a little tricky for us to have challenge! 


In topic this week, we have been very busy: Including our school trip to the Wild Discovery Park in Preston. We were all very well behaved, used our manners to say thank you to the bus driver and we enjoyed seeing the animals and of course going to the park; it was a lovely day! On Tuesday, in topic we did sensory animals, exploring different textures and habitats such as ice, custard and kinetic sand. We enjoyed waiting for the ice to melt so the leopard could be free again. On Wednesday, we had Miss Baker teaching us and on Thursday in PSD we learnt about germs on our hands by using the green glitter to show us the germs and then we followed a washing hands routine, we learnt important facts about how to keep our hands clean and when we should wash them, such as before eating, after the toilet or playing. On Friday, it was our 'Julia Donaldson day' across the Primary classes and we celebrated this very well, including decorating our own Julia Donaldson character t-shirts by using fabric paints, making our giant characters, reading 'The smartest giant in town' story and making our own giant biscuits. In the afternoon we enjoyed our rewards! (If your child's t shirt has not come home, it is still drying at school)


Next weeks events are: 

STEM week (we are completing 8 science challenges across the week for the CREST awards)

Our first transition day for children to meet their new teacher and class (more information to follow next week) 


Have a good weekend Donaldson Class, 


Miss Mason

Wash your hands Children's Song

W/C - 20.06.2022


This week in literacy we have been reading 'The lion inside'. We have enjoyed this story and learnt about how the mouse and lion became friends no matter of their size or how loud each animal could be. We did some activities around the story including making our own lion collages with forks and paint and some of us wrote captions about the lion underneath. In phonics this week, the phase 2 group have done 'l' phase 3 have done 'y' and 'z' and phase 4 have done 'ft' and 'sk' and learnt tricky words, 'little', 'one' and 'were'. We did an outdoor phonics lesson one day using the chalks on the big playground, we enjoyed this for a change! 


In topic this week we have done communication signing 'lion' and some of us did adjectives to describe the lion, i.e. 'orange', 'big'. On Tuesday in topic, we made our own zoo collages using pictures frames, animal stickers and pipe cleaners to make sure the animals didn't get out, we enjoyed this activity! On Wednesday we had a very busy day in the sunshine for our sports day, we all took part and it was lovely to see so many parents come along to support us. On Thursday in PSD, we learnt about sun safety and this was a perfect activity to go alongside one of the hottest days of the year! We used real life experiences to talk about wearing sun cream, hats and drinking lots of water and how some items weren't very important such as the beach ball and the bucket and spade. On Friday, we had a enrichment day off timetable looking at Spain, we made Spanish flags and had a 'Tapas' tasting session with Patatas Bravas, potato croquettes, tomato sauce and churros for dessert. We also enjoyed a game of Pinata which originates from Spain, we enjoyed the sweets at the end.


Please find below the homework mindmap for this week. 


Next weeks events are:

- Our whole primary trip on Monday

- Whole school Donaldson Day on Friday


Have a fantastic weekend Donaldson Class! 


Miss Mason



Enrichment day - Spain

The Lion Inside signed with Makaton

W/C 13.06.2022


This week has been a super week and we have enjoyed the weather and being able to use our outdoor space. 


This week in literacy we have been reading "Put me in the zoo!" We learnt about how the leopard could do marvellous things with his spots. Some activities we have done this week are making our own leopard using coloured dabbers to represent the coloured spots, some of us wrote a sentence to go with the picture. Later in the week, some of us got a big leopard template and coloured spots and could make their own leopard with the coloured spots, naming and learning different colours. The rest of us wrote captions and sentences about the story. In phonics this week, phase 2 group have focused on 'f', phase 3 have done 'w' and 'x' and phase 4 have continued doing blends 'mp' and 'nk' in words such as 'lamp, ramp' and 'ink, pink, blink'. 


In maths this week we have continued with our number fluency, we have enjoyed using a choice board to choose our favourite counting songs. Some activities we have done are ordering number quantity to '3, 5 and 10' and the rest of us began to make number sentences to 10 using a dice to recognise a number and amount in different forms. Later in the week, some of us acted out the '10 fat sausages' song using sausages in a frying pan - this is one our favourite songs! The rest of us used numicon to continue to make number sentences up to 10. 


In topic this week, we have been very busy! In communication we signed 'leopard' and some of us signed the coloured spots the leopard has. On Tuesday in topic we did a 'science experiment' and we were all very excited to see if it was going to work. We used skittles sweets to make a rainbow in water, of course we saved some to eat! Some of us have been talking about this experiment all week. On Wednesday, in Understanding of the World, we went to forest school and enjoyed the weather, we explored nature and living creatures including bees landing on the flowers to collect pollen. For PE, we enjoyed practising some of our key skills ready for sports day next week. On Thursday in PSD we looked at oral health and how we take care of our teeth, we brushed the teeth using toothpaste and some of us enjoyed showing Miss Mason how we could brush our own teeth, the rest of us did a challenge of ordering the sequence cards for brushing our teeth and talking about key facts such as brushing our teeth twice a day. On Friday, we enjoyed making our leopard waffles using smarties for the spots and chocolate chips for the eyes. 


Next week's special events are: 

Wednesday - Sports day & Friday - enrichment day - 'Spain'


Enjoy your weekend Donaldson Class! 


Miss Mason




Marvellous homework!

Dear Zoo Makaton signing

Still image for this video

W/C: 06.06.2022


What a super first week back we've had! 


This week in literacy, we have been reading the story called Dear Zoo, this book is very short and snappy and draws our attention to all the animals in the zoo. Miss Mason has been challenging us by not revealing the animals and has been giving us clues to guess the animal such as, colour, features, size, and noise. We have completed some activities around the story this week, including having real life boxes the same colours as the story. We had to put the animals in the boxes and some of us worked as a group to demonstrate our listening skills to key words to guess the animals; the boxes have been thoroughly enjoyed for the rest of the week! Later in the week, some of us did some animal collaging with patterns from different animals and the rest of us sequenced the story. In phonics this week, phase 2 group have focused on 'b' and revisiting 's, a, t, p, i, n' and phase 3 have done j,v and phase 4 have begun blends and clusters 'st' and 'nd' in reading and writing words such as nest, stem, hand, band. We have worked extremely hard this week! 


In maths we have worked on our numbers, some of us have focused on ordering our numbers to 10 using flash cards and the rest of us have been grouping numbers and using the language such as '4 animals in a group'. Later in the week, some of us did some animal stamping to 10 with a 'Dear Zoo' theme and the rest of us practiced our number formation to 20. 


In topic this week, we have done communication: signing our animals from the story. On Tuesday, we had a special friend come into our classroom called 'Oliver', he is Mr Byrom - Jones' tortoise and we were able to stroke, feed and give him a bath. We tried our best to use our inside voices, so we didn't scare Oliver. He even walked across the table to find the lettuce and cucumber, how brave! We loved him so much, that we didn't want him to go. On Wednesday we did Understanding of the World and PE, we linked these together by having a trails and tracks walk on the way to forest school and in the afternoon, we started our athletics and racing. Some of us did this in pairs. On Thursday in PSD, we looked at adjectives that describe the animals from our story and some of us made the faces in the mirror and used the playdough to express these. Some of us even talked about the word 'fierce' and said 'it's like when a lion roars, it's scary!' In the afternoon, we did some cutting skills with Miss Bell and on Friday we made our lion biscuits using strawberry laces for the mane. Also below are pictures of some of our IEP work and fantastic homework from over the half term holidays, well done everybody! 


Have a fabulous weekend Donaldson, 


Miss Mason




IEP work

Our fantastic homework!

Signing the Queen's Jubilee

Still image for this video