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Moor Hey School
A Mathematics and Computing Specialist College

Donaldson Class

Welcome to Donaldson Class

Class Teacher:

 Miss  G Mason


Teaching Assistants: 

Miss E Baker

Miss E Bell 

Miss N McInnes

Miss C John


This half term we are looking at "Colours".

W/C 17.01.2022. 


This week has been a very busy week and we've all worked so hard! 


In literacy this week we have been reading 'The blue balloon', we all got very excited when Miss Mason pulled a blue balloon out the bag. We have been very engaged with the story! We have done some activities linking to the story including, decorating our own balloon pictures using balloon materials, stickers and coloured pens. Later in the week, some of us did some balloon painting using a balloon to dip into the paint and the rest of us did some writing and letter formation practice linking to the story. In phonics this week, phase 2 group have been practising 'm' and 'd' and phase 3 have done 'oo' and 'oa'. 


In maths this week we have been looking at 2D shapes and we have looked at these in a range of ways including matching the shapes by the colours and naming the colours. We could all group the shapes and some of us named each shape. Later in the week, we printed the shapes in balloons and some of us wrote the shape names. 


In topic this week, we started the week off with communication by signing the colours, we practiced signing 'red' and 'yellow'. We consolidated our learning by signing to Miss Mason to ask for a red or yellow balloon, some of us could sign the colour and please; Miss Mason was very impressed! On Tuesday we did some sensory/ tactile experience painting using bubble wrap around our feet to walk in the paint, some of us didn't want to use our feet, but used our hands instead, we had great fun! On Wednesday in Understanding of the World we got very active and went to forest school with our rocket balloons, we loved chasing them around the forest and one even got stuck in a tree, oh no! In the afternoon we did PE using the coloured hoops, we loved chasing them and some of us could listen and follow instructions about the colours. In PSD, we looked at two feelings linking to our story 'happy' and 'scared'. We learnt why Kipper felt scared when he thought the balloon was going to pop, we then decorated our own balloon faces. On Friday, we made our own balloon chocolates using a mould and sprinkles! In the afternoon we had rewards. 


Have a fabulous weekend Donaldson!

Miss Mason




W/C: 10.01.2022


This week has been very busy in Donaldson Class. We have got stuck in with our new Spring term topic. 


In literacy this week we continued with our story 'Elmer', we have really enjoyed listening to this story and we especially loved the page when Elmer said BOO! We then did some activities to consolidate our learning around the story. These were creating our own Elmer patchwork pictures using paints and sponges. Later in the week some of us did some elephant stamping, writing the initial sound 'e' for elephant and the rest of us did some writing about a page from story. In phonics the phase 2 group have recapped 'p, i, n' and phase 3 have looked at 'ai' and 'ee'. 


In maths we have continued consolidating counting and have practiced this in lots of ways, including counting elephants, some of us did this to 5, 10 and 20. We have looked at grouping the elephants into colours and size. Later in the week, we did some elephant stamping representing each stamp as a number. 


In topics this week we have been very busy. On Monday we did motor skills as a whole class project decorating Elmer with lots of coloured stickers and we did communication with Mr Banks. On Tuesday we explored learning colour names and matching them by using the cars and the paints to park the cars to the correct colour, we loved pushing the cars through the paint! On Wednesday in 'Understanding of the World' we did whole class baking by sitting round the table together and baking Elmer biscuits; some of us talked about the ingredients. In PE we played a game of 'Hungry hippos' using the coloured cones. Miss Mason shouted a colour and we had to collect the most cones, this got tricky as Miss Mason shouted more than one colour, we loved this game! On Thursday in PSD, we did group work learning about 'Good' and 'not good choices' we looked at the flash cards and some of us were able to explore the faces on the cards and the rest of us could talk about where each card went and why. On Friday, we decorated our Elmer biscuits with icing sugar and coloured jelly beans to represent Elmer's patchwork and in the afternoon, we had rewards time outdoors and iPads. 


Have a great weekend Donaldson!




Singing Hands - Makaton signs for colours.

05.01.2022 - 07.01.2022


This week has been a shorter week and we have all been settling back into our school routines and have had a super start to the new year!


In literacy we have started reading the story 'Elmer'. We have learnt that Elmer is different from other elephants because of the patch work colours. We have started activities this week linking around the story including making our own Elmer masks, they were all colourful and unique to us. We will be continuing this story next week. In phonics this week some of us recapped the sounds s, a, t so Miss Mason could see what we have remembered. 


In maths this week we have listening to our favourite counting songs and have been looking at consolidating counting. Some of us could look at counting the mood monsters from 1-5 and the rest of us did to 10 and beyond. 


In topics this week we have done some parachute and group games in PE, communication/ makaton signs of different family members with Miss Baker and in PSD we have looked at exploring our emotions and feelings by looking in the mirror and making a playdough face. Some of us even used emotion cards to match our faces! Also, we have made our own Elmer pancakes and decorated them using chocolate spread and different fruits for colour.


Have a lovely weekend Donaldson ready for a full week of learning next week!

Spring 1 week 1

In Autumn half term we looked at "Celebrations".

W/C: 13.12.2021 


This week has been a very busy, different and exciting week in Donaldson class. 

There’s been so many different things happening everyday. 


For our final week before Christmas we have read “The Christmas bear.” We loved finding out about what the boys favourite toy was in the story. We have done lots of Christmas activities this week including decorating our own Santa Claus using cotton wool for his beard. We have made our own 2022 calendars showing the seasons in our own expressive way including Easter eggs for spring time, bucket and spade for summer, leaves for Autumn and snow for winter. We really enjoyed making these. On Thursday, we made our own reindeer food using Oats and some magic glitter to give it some sparkle, we were very good and spooning the mixture into the cup carefully. We also made our own Santa strawberries; we enjoyed the cream the most. On Friday, we made our own Christmas ornaments to take home and decorated a gingerbread house. 


In other news: 


This week we performed our nativity scene by signing Away in a manager not once but twice… we performed for the Seniors Monday and on Tuesday we performed for the parents and guardians. We did fantastically and Miss Mason was very proud of how well we sat, signed and sung along to Away in a manger. It was lovely to see some of our parents there and we were very grown up coming back to class and not getting upset. On Tuesday afternoon we had our Christmas party. We had games like pass the parcel, music and equipment in the hall. We joined Rosen class and really enjoyed ourselves. On Wednesday, we had party food for dinner, it was very tasty! 

On Thursday, Miss Mason’s sister and nephew kindly donated us lots of new toys for us to play with. We were very enthusiastic to get stuck in and play with all our new toys. We were very grateful for these and we are learning new skills including sharing and taking turns.


In our bags this week is a Christmas file with all our own Christmas crafts that we’ve made this week, these include: Santa craft, paper plate baubles, pictures of us from the Nativity dress rehearsal, making reindeer food and Santa strawberries, our 2022 calendar, Christmas card and our reindeer food. We really hope you like them! 


Lastly I just want to say have a fantastic Christmas break Donaldson, stay safe and see you all in the New Year on the 5th January. 


From Miss Mason and the Donaldson team. 

Christmas festivities

W/C: 6.12.2021


This week we have been getting in the Christmas spirit in Donaldson class. We have begun counting down the days until Santa and making our classroom all Christmassy.

In literacy this week, we have read 'Dear Santa'. We loved finding out what was behind the different presents and some of us could even guess what the gifts were from the shape of them. Some activities we have done in literacy are: Decorating our own Christmas presents using tissue paper and a coloured bow for the top of the present. Later in the week, we made our own paper plate baubles using paints and glitter, we could select our own bauble with a different shape cut out the middle of it. In phonics this week phase 2 group have focused on the 'd' sound and phase 3 have done the 'ai' sound.