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Moor Hey School
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Dahl Class

Welcome to Dahl 


Class Teacher:

Mr G. Byrom-Jones


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs H. Feeney

Mr I. Carter 

Miss A. Clare 


No blog last week as it was a strange week with absences . However this week we have revisited the Flat Stanley series, organised data in maths and learnt about Spain . 


W/C:  Monday 24th


English / Phonics 


This week we recapped on the story of ‘Flat Stanley’. Mr Byrom-Jones , Miss Clare and Mr Carter we’re all impressed on how much we remembered ! In this week’s story ‘ Flat Stanley and the Magic Lamp’ and meets a genie who grants him wishes  such as doing his homework , making him fly and accidentally wishing for a liophant!! We used this to think about our own own wishes as well as designing our own animal crosses! We had Tiraffes! , Bearaffes , Crinos and Cears! We had lots of fun blending animals and blending words to give them new names . By the end of the week we reviewed the story and all of us liked it !! 

 During phonics some of us have been working on phase 2 phonics and some of us have been working on phase 3. We have participated in lots of fun activities to support our learning which have include the phoneme corners game and a phonics treasure hunt  game outside .




This week in Maths we have been learning about data and collecting and recording data as Venn Diagrams and Pictograms.  Some of us have used toys such as  card and farm animals , whilst some of us have had to sort items / toys in different ways such as farm animals / zoo animals  and cars / not cars. Towards the end of the week we moved on to Venn Diagrams with over lapping rings and had to identify a common denominator. Well Done Joshua for identifying the pictures could be sorted to land animals , aquatic animals or both ! We concluded the week by making pictograms by counting the colours of jelly babies in a bag with some of us answering questions about our data. 




We have continued to learn about plants in Science and looked at seeds and seed dispersal . We worked in differentiated groups with some of us collecting seeds to make a flower mosaic with the seeds , some of us identifying plants in the environment and some of us beginning to learn about the life cycle of a plant .




We have been contrasting another European county with England this week and have been learning about Spain . We have learnt the colours of the flag , the language , the climate and the food before completing a fact file . We also identified  Europe /Spain on Google Earth and an Atlas . Towards the end of the week we role played a visit Spain ! We got our passport and boarded the flight to Spain . Once in Spain we used the lingo , saw some landmarks and tasted some delicious Spanish food  including churros , chorizo and sangria ( cranberry and orange juice with sparkling water !)




In PSHCE we have been learning about individual needs and that some needs are different to others  and some of the needs are the same . Examples of needs discussed include food , shelter , safety etc .


Next Week :


More Flat Stanley stories 

Position and Direction 

Visit to Asia and  Antarctica 

Sharing our homework 

Phonics / English

Maths - Data Handling

Science - Plants / Seeds

Topic - Spain

W/C: 10th January


This week we have been reading ‘Flat Stanley’ and we roleplayed a visit to London and had afternoon tea with the Queen! Please see below:



We started the week by listening to Mr Byrom-Jones read ‘Flat Stanley’. We all really enjoyed and all made our own playdoh models of Flat Stanley after making some sensible predictions and talking about the advantages and disadvantages of being flat. Later in the week some of us worked in their groups to write a newspaper report about Stanley catching some thieves , whilst some of us drew and wrote about an event in the story, which included being used as a kite and sliding under doors much to the envy of his brother Arthur! We concluded the week by retelling the story as a storyboard. We look forward to more Flat Stanley adventures next week.

 We have also completed phonics activities in our differentiated groups.



This week we have continued with number with some of us identifying everyday examples of number use and completing missing numbers up to 20, whilst some of us have been writing numbers in figures and words as well as writing and competing numbers to 100 on a hundred square.



We are continuing with our topic ‘On the Continent’. We recapped on our continents song and took turns to identify Europe and England on Google Earth. We then roleplayed a journey to London and got the train from Preston to London  and ‘visited’ some London landmarks . They included: 10 Downing Street, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace. Mr Byrom-Jones played some noises to emulate how busy London is.

 When we visited Buckingham Palace we met the Queen! We had to bow / curtsy to the Queen before we settled down to a traditional afternoon tea, which included cucumber sandwiches, scones (with jam and cream) and tea. We had lots of fun! Next week we are going to visit another European country.



In Science we are learning about plants. After listening to a song some of us sorted and differentiated between plants and trees  some of us made playdoh flowers and labelled it, whilst some of took photographs of  plants , trees and leaves around school.



This half term we are learning about rules and the importance of rules.  We thought about what it would be like if we did not have rules before thinking about the different rules we have in school.



Our focus this half term is 'Jesus' as a friend. We learnt about Jesus' disciples and the story of Fishers of Men. We learnt how Simon and his brother trusted Jesus as a friend before Jesus helped them with their catch. We then thought about our own friends and why they were our friends. 

Have a lovely weekend 


Dahl Class 


English - Flat Stanley

Maths - Number (Counting)

Maths -Numbers in the environment

Science - Plants

Topic - On the Continent

W/C 3rd January 


Welcome back and a happy new year ! We hope you enjoyed the break . Mr Carter will now be helping us full time in Dahl. Below is what we hard been up to in this short week .


English / Communication:


This week we started off by playing the turn taking game of Jenga. During the game we talked about what we got for Christmas , food we enjoyed as well as thinking about some New Years resolutions . Some of us said they wanted to get better in subject areas whilst some of us said they wanted to get make good behaviour and lifestyle choices .  On Thursday we revisited letter writing and wrote thank you letters to Santa, with some of us incorporating our personal targets such as using description and finger spaces . We have also completed some phonic activities which included word building and phoneme identification. 




This week we have undertaken lots of differentiated number games . Activities have included bingo , Tenpin Bowling  and Tin Can Alley. 




Our topic this half term is ‘ On the Continent ‘. We started off by discussing what the topic is going to be about before listening to a song about the 7 continents . We have also displayed and labelled the continents on a paper plate as well as making a passport for when we visit each continent in the coming weeks ...

Topic - Continents

W/C: 29th November 


Another busy week in Dahl. This week we have welcomed a new member of our class , Ruairi. 



This week we have continued with letter writing. We started the week off by recapping on the features before writing a letter to our friend about our weekend.  On Tuesday we imagined we were living in 1666 and thought about how we would have felt if we had been involved in The Great Fire of London. We thought about lots of adjectives to describe how we would have felt if our home / business had been destroyed, with examples being 'sad', 'worried'  and 'angry'. We then devised a letter to King Charles expressing our feelings and that the new buildings should be made out of brick and stone and not built close together. We all did a good job and made the letters look old by staining them with tea!

 We have also followed instructions to do some baking as well as participating in phonic games.




We have been learning about money this week and have had  lots of fun. Some of us started the week by identifying different coins whilst some of us have been counting pennies to given amounts. All activities have been practical which included counting the pennies in the piggy bank , playing shop and buying items in Dahl Cafe.




We have continued to learn about 'The Great Fire of London' and supported our learning by watching The Magic Grandad series. We also recapped on how the fire started and made bread from the time as well as using playdoh to make traditional food which we find in a bakery today. Most of us liked the bread although it was a bit salty!



In RE we have continued to learn about the Christmas story and thought about the gifts Jesus' received and thought about the presents a Christian baby would have nowadays.



During PSHCE we recapped on the importance of telling an adult when we have a problem. We started off the lesson by asking our peers if we had permission to touch each other when we participated in our peer pizza massage. We found it really relaxing!  We then talked about that it is ok to say no when something makes us feel uncomfortable and that our bodies are our own. We supported this by watching the animation 'Pantasaurus' before designing our own


We have also talked about staying safe online and have practicing 'Step back into Christmas'


Have a lovely weekend

Dahl Class







Maths - Money

Topic - Display

Topic - Bread Making

PSHCE - Peer Massage

W/C: 22nd November 


Another busy week in Dahl . This week we have been learning about lists , letters and sharing / division in Maths. We have also found the time to practice ‘Step back into Christmas’ . 




This week we started off by writing letter from the Fox in the Gingerbread Men , aplologising to the old man and lady for eating him up! Mr Byrom-Jones modelled an example on the board and we used this structure later on in the week to write our letters to Santa  after we had written out Christmas wish list . When writing our letters to Santa we were encouraged to use the connective ‘because ‘ with most of us staring that we had been good  because we had been helping our families at home. We hope to post next week.



Our focus this week has been on sharing / diving . This week we have been dividing / sharing quantities between two , with examples being sharing the fish between the 2 x fishbowls and sharing the toppings on pizzas ! Another group have been counting and finding half of different amounts . We concluded the week by making our own pizzas  by sharing the toppings  . They were very tasty !!!




This week we recapped on materials , their origins and their properties before undertaking a science investigation - to see which material was the best for a waterproof welly . Prior to the activity we designed our own Wellington boots before testing different materials to see which were waterproof. The materials we tested were paper , plastic , rubber  and fabric . We found out that plastic and rubber were waterproof, with some of us being introduced to the terms permeable and impermeable .




We have continued to learn about The Great Fire of London and finished our houses out of clay ( even though at the time they were made of wood). We emulated the fire by using tea lights. For our classroom display we also did some marbling in topic to create the fire back drop and made some houses out  of lolly sticks. They look impressive!


In other areas of the Curriculum:


RE - We have produced a simple storyboard to retell the Christmas story.


PSHCE -  We have talked about and identified people who help us when we have a problem.


Have a lovely weekend

Dahl Class




Maths - Sharing /Dividing

Science - Testing Materials

Topic - 'London's Burning'

W/C: 14 November 


Another busy week in Dahl . This week we have started to practice our Christmas Production in class . More details to follow.



This week we have continued learning about stories with repeating patterns and revisited an old favourite- ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We started off the week by designing and labelling our own gingerbread person , before retelling the story , writing a list of the necessary ingredients for a gingerbread person before baking and decorating one ! They were delicious.




In Maths we have been learning about doubling and multiplication and have completed lots of practical activities to support our learning , with some of us games and doubling my painting and folding , whilst some of us have been introduced to arrays .



This week in topic we have continued to learn about the Great Fire of London , before making  our own Stuart style home out clay . Prior to the lesson we found out that the fire started in a London bakery in Pudding Lane and that the fire spread rapidly because of the houses being built close together , the wind and the fact that the houses were made from wood .  We hope to paint our houses next  week and use tea lights to emulate the fire .




This week we have been revisiting the Christmas Story in preparation for our upcoming RE work .


In other news :

We have been practicing our parts for the Christmas production which is entitled ‘ Step into Christmas ‘. More details to follow ..


On Tuesday we went to the Flower Bowl Cinema and watched ‘Paw Patrol’. We were a credit to our school and a good time was had by all . 


Have a good weekend 

English - 'The Gingerbread Man'

Maths - Doubling / Multiplication

W/C:  7th November


Another busy week in Dahl.


English :


This week we have been learning about stories with repetitive patterns with the story being ‘Not Now Bernard ‘ by David  McKee . After reading the story we thought of lots of words to describe Bernard and the monster and some of us put these into a sentence using ‘and’ . After retelling the story we planned and created our own story with a monster and a repetitive pattern . They were great and we are looking forward to sharing our stories with the  Donaldson / Rosen next week .




In Maths this week we have been learning about doubling and have completed lots of practical activities to support our learning with examples being doubling spots on bugs , doubling scoops of ice cream ( using cotton wool ) , doubling the apples on trees and doubling smarties on biscuits . We have also played some differentiated games to support our learning .




This week we introduced our new topic ‘London’s Burning’ and looked at what London was like now in comparison to modern day.




We have continued with our work on materials . Earlier on the week we recapped  on the origin of different materials before being given the opportunity to explore different materials using our senses . Words to

Identify the properties included hard , soft , flexible , rough , smooth with some of us using the terms transparent and translucent. To support our learning we also wrote some materiel riddles .


Friendship Week (PSHCE) 

This week is anti bullying week . We took a positive stance on it and on Friday we had a friendship carousel day in the primary department ( Rosen , Dahl and Ion) with activities being  friendship biscuits , bracelets and friendship biscuits. 


English - Stories with repetitive patterns

Maths - Doubling

W/C: 1st November


Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely half term. Here is what we have been learning during our first week back.



Most of our learning this week has centred around the Gunpowder Plot and Bonfire Night , however on Monday we wrote and shared our holiday news. It was lovely to hear what we had been up to and what we dressed up as for Halloween. On Tuesday we watched an animation about 'The Gunpowder Plot' and produced a wanted poster for Guy Fawkes. We learnt that Guy Fawkes and his friends were planning to commit treason, which was a serious crime against a monarch. We then retold the story as a storyboard and on Thursday we produced some informative firework safety posters. Prior to the poster making we discussed some ideas relating to bonfire safety, which included


- Stay well back from bonfires

-Wear gloves if holding sparklers 

- Don't play with fireworks

-Keep pets indoors.


We concluded the week by roleplaying a bonfire. We put on our coats , drank hot chocolate and tasted parkin and treacle toffee, as well as holding our (edible) sparklers, watched the fireworks on the whiteboard and made firework noises by standing on bubble wrap. We then used the roleplay to write a bonfire poem using our senses with some of us using a simile! Well done everybody!



This week in Maths we have been learning about ordinal and cardinal numbers. Some of us started the week by identifying and completing a pattern in the order given, before identifying different positions , whilst some of have followed instructions which included 'colouring in the first , 4th, 7th etc'. Another group have played games such as tenpin bowling and Snakes and Ladders to develop their understanding of ordinal language. 

 We concluded the week with some bonfire themed addition. 



This week we have linked our history focus ' Events beyond Living Memory'  to The Gunpowder Plot and Bonfire night. Throughout the duration of the week we have produced  some fantastic bonfire pictures using the natural materials of twigs and leaves for the bonfire and dish brush marks  for the fireworks, as well as making edible sparklers and firework biscuits. We have also made our own rockets with film cannisters, water and fizzy tablets! we had lots of fun.

 We have also learnt the Makaton signs for 'bonfire', 'bonfire night', 'fireworks' and 'Guy Fawkes'. 



The focus on Science this half term is 'Everyday Materials'. We started off the week by naming some everyday materials before considering were they came from. We found out (and remembered) that paper came from trees,  glass comes from sand ,metal came from rock and plastic from oil! We then produced a sorting activity before trying to identify some different materials around school. 


Have a lovely weekend

Dahl Class






Maths Ordinal Numbers and Addition