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Moor Hey School
A Mathematics and Computing Specialist College

Dahl Class

Welcome to Dahl 

The staff in Dahl Class are:


Class Teacher:

Mr G. Byrom-Jones


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs H. Feeney

Mr I. Carter 

Welcome Back!


We hope you had a lovely summer. In Dahl class our staff are Mr Byrom-Jones, Mrs Feeney and Mr Carter. We are also helped by other adults too. Mr Byrom Jones teaches us for Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Topic, PSHCE and RE , whilst we have Miss Bell for PE, Mr Mahmood for Computing, Mr Banks for Music and Communication and Miss McLaughlin for Phonics and Motor Skills.


Here is what we have been learning:


English (2nd – 17th September)

This half term we are reading stories by Roald Dahl. So far, we have listened to his autobiography ‘Boy’ and ‘The Enormous Crocodile’. After learning about the author, we then used ‘Boy’ as a basis to write our own autobiographies (linking to our topic ‘’My Town and Me’). We have really enjoyed the story of ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ and using the text we have written wanted posters, crocodile fact files, menus and written another scene for the story were the crocodile is disguised as something else! (Examples have included the crocodile being disguised as a bed, rollercoaster ride , bed and army tank!) . It is Roald Dahl day in primary on Friday and we are looking forward to learning all about Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches’.


Numeracy (2nd – 17th September)

In Numeracy we have been learning about numbers, counting and place value. We have played lots of number games to support us with our learning, with examples being ‘Play your Cards Right’, Tin can Alley and Bingo. Some of then have been ordering numbers and counting on whilst some of us have been partitioning two digit and three digit numbers into hundreds , tens and ones.


Science (2nd – 17th September)

In Science we are learning about ‘Animals and Humans’ and have been focusing on the five senses. To support our learning we firstly drew a self portrait and labelled the necessary features associated with each sense, before participating in sound lotto which we really enjoyed. We have also participated in a carousel of activities to support our understanding of our senses, with activities being guess the sound, guess the scent and a feely box. We had lots of fun.


Topic (2nd – 17th)

Our topic is ‘My Town and Me’. Firstly we focused on us an individuals and  made self portraits using buttons and are very own self portrait grass heads! We have also discussed the features of a town , our own homes and houses and how each home and family is special and unique.  Recently we have created a plan our classroom which will be used to help us design and map our own imaginary towns in the coming weeks.


In other areas of the Curriculum:

Swimming will be at Penwortham Swimming Baths from Wednesday 22nd September

RE: We will be learning about the Creation Story

PSHCE: We will be learning and families and how families are all different and individual.



Please feel free to read a Roald Dahl story with your child and / or watch a movie based on his books. Examples may include ‘The BFG’, ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’, ‘James and the Giant Peach’ and the classic ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. If you would like to email any photographs of your child doing this then please feel free to email me at  There will be rewards for this.


Many Thanks

Dahl Class Team







Roald Dahl in Literacy

Geography /Topic

WC: 28th June


Another busy week in Maple. This week we have been learning about minibeasts and transitioned into our new classes on Thursday. Here is what we have been up to:



This week in English we have enjoyed writing and sharing our weekend news as well as working on our individual targets.  Some of us having been changing the root verbs by adding the suffixes of ing, ed and er whilst some of us having been applying our phonic skills and working on our presentation.

 Linking to our work on minibeasts we read  ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carl. After reading the story some of retold the story by writing a sentence next to each picture whilst some of wrote from the perspective of the caterpillar by using time connective, adjectives and punctuation!



In Maths this week we have been learning all about data. We started the week off by collectively making a tally chart on favourite sports in Maple, before using the information to make a pictogram. Some of us have tried really hard to count in 2s when one symbol represented two people. We also went on a bug hunt around school (see topic) , completed a tally and used the information to make pictograms. We concluded the week by sorting pictures of minibeasts on to differentiated Carroll Diagrams. Mr Byrom-Jones, Mrs Carter and Mrs Suffield were all very impressed!



This week we have been learning all about minibeasts. Mr Byrom-Jones started the lesson by asking us to name different types of insects. Mr Byrom-Jones then explained to us that not all bugs are insects and that to be an insect they need to have 6 legs and 3 body parts (head, thorax and abdomen).  We then made playdoh insects before labelling them.  We also enjoyed exploring the school environment by looking for different minibeasts and recording our findings.


In other areas of the curriculum:

RE - We have learnt about the Hindu story of Rama and Sita and how good always wins against evil.

PE – Circuits and Yoga

Music – Performing our song lyrics and instrumental accompaniment

PSHCE – We played board games about friendship and social situations.


English - The Hungry Caterpillar and Targets


Maths - Pictograms

Topic - Bugs

Topic - Bug Hunt


W/C: 21st June.


This week we have concluded our work on Knights and Castles which we have really enjoyed. Here is what we have been up to:



We started off the week by acting out our own knight stories which we had written last week. We really enjoyed playing a character from our stories, which included knights, dragons, trolls and princesses!  On Tuesday we wrote an account about the day in the life of a medieval knight. After recapping on the role of the knight and their diets we then wrote an account. Most of us used some adjectives in our work to enhance the description of the characters, including ‘shiny armour’ and  ‘fierce dragon’, and some of us remembered to use time connectives . They were great and Mr Byrom-Jones, Mrs Carter and Mrs Suffield were very pleased. We concluded our topic with a medieval feast and prior to this we produced a menu for it. We found out that medieval food was quite different to modern day, with examples of medieval food including swans and peacocks! When writing our menus some of us had to differentiate between modern day and medieval food, whilst some of us once again used adjectives to enhance the description e.g. ‘Delicious Deer’. We have also been working on our individual targets and our phonic skills.



This week in Maths we have been learning about time. At the start of the week Mr Byron-Jones did a mini assessment to check our understanding and confidence, with one group focusing on o’clock and the other group o’clock and half past. As the week has progressed we have all made progress as one group now is purely focusing on half past and another group have measured time and read the time at quarterly hour intervals. Activities to support our learning have included board games, matching games, bingo and making clock biscuits.



We started off the week by finishing off our shields, swords and helmets (for hose who hadn’t) whilst some of us made some castles out of Lego. On Tuesday we talked about weaponry used in medieval times and made some catapults out of lolly sticks before firing pompoms into the model, which we had built together in class. Later on in the week we linked our work on knights to a fantasy element by making dragon eyes from salt dough, before having a medieval feast to conclude the topic. Prior to the feast (were we were able to eat bread, cheese, meats, fruit and pies) we took part in jousting using the armour we had made. We had lots of fun.



This week in science we have continued to learn about healthy eating and started of the lesson by recapping on what is needed in a healthy meal, using the eat well plate. We were then presented with a challenge! A medieval knight time travelled from Medieval England and wanted to try some modern foods, but he was concerned about the fat content in the food. Therefore we had to test the content in different foods by rubbing them on a brown paper for 20 seconds. The foods we investigated were:


-Sausage Rolls







  The fat content was indicated by leaving a translucent stain and we were al surprised to discover how much fat was in mayonnaise. We concluded the session by talking about why fat is important in our bodies, as it keeps us warm and protects our organs, but we should only have it in moderation.



In other aspects of the Curriculum:


RE – in RE we listened to the story of ‘Jonah and the Whale’ and learnt about disobedience and saying sorry.

PE – In PE we have participated in an obstacle course and yoga with Mr Niven.

Music – With Mrs Carter we have written lyrics to music. 

English - Menus

Maths - Clock biscuits

Topic - Armor and Castles

Topic - Catapults

Topic - Dragon Eyes

Topic - Jousting and a Medieval Feast

Science - Testing the fat content

RE - Jonah and the Whale

W/C: 14th June 


This week we have been continuing with our topic of 'Knights and Castles'. Here is what we have been up to:



This week in English we started off the week by retelling the story of 'King Arthur'. We all had a good understanding of the story, with some of us using the pictures to help us to write our sentences and some of us incorporating adjectives into our work.  Later on in the week we chose pictures to plan our own knight story, with  examples of pictures including a knight, dragon, troll, princess , treasure and a happily ever after. We also chose different pictures to plan our own stories and they were great when we read our plans back using the pictures. On Thursday we wrote our own stories using the plans and they were great! We all tried really hard to use narrative language with some of us incorporating some fantastic description to describe the characters. Next week we are going to perform them.



Our Maths focus this week has been on fractions. When Mr Byrom-Jones asked us what fractions were we were unsure, however this week we have completed lots of practical activities to support our learning which have included making a fish scene (by cutting circles into different fractions) , cutting different shapes, board games and sharing spots on the ladybirds and toppings on ice cream.



We have continued to learn about Knights and Castles. On Wednesday we produced some fantastic artwork in the style of Paul Klee's 'Castle in the Sun'. We looked at the different 2D shapes Klee had used in his 'Castle in the Sun', before selecting 2D shapes to create our own pictures before colouring them in with wax crayons. Don't they look great.

 We have also looked at the features of a castle before labelling it and on Thursday we painted  and decorated our own knight swords and helmets , as well as painting our own coat of arms shield which we had designed the previous week. We are now ready for battle...



This week in RE we have been learning about the parable of 'The Good Samaritan'. We watched an animation , produced some drama and played 'The Good Samaritan' board game.  From the story we learnt that we should not judge other people when we do not know them and we should be kind to everybody.


This week we have also made some lovely Fathers Day  cards and talked about 'How everyone is awesome' by recognising different family structures . We concluded the session by reading a story called 'Part of the Party' and contributing to a primary display by making handprints for a rainbow. 


In other areas of the Curriculum:


PE - Yoga with Mr Niven

PSHCE - We have continued to learn about feelings and how our facial expressions and body language can convey feelings and emotions. 


Have a lovely weekend


Maple Class


English - A Knight's Tale

Maths - Fractions

Topic - 'Castles in the Sun'

Topic - Armour

W/C: 7th June

Welcome back after the half term break. This week and next week our new topic is ‘Knights and Castles’. Here is what we have been learning.


We started off the week by writing and sharing our holiday news. It was lovely to hear what everyone had been up to, to visits to the seaside and visits to park.  We then used our knowledge from Monday’s topic lesson to write a job advert for a knight. We all tried really hard to think of the qualities a knight may need , with adjectives being  ‘brave’, ‘strong ‘ and ‘loyal’. Some of us also used bullet points in our work.

Later in the week we started to read the legendary story of King Arthur  before writing character descriptions for Merlin  and Arthur, making posters advertising the pulling of the sword , and revisiting the features of newspapers to write a news report about Arthur pulling the sword from the stone and becoming King. We concluded the week by watching Disney’s ‘The Sword in the Stone’.



This week in Maths we have been learning about doubling and multiplication.  Some of us started the week by rolling different dice and doubling the numbers on them. Other activities this week have including doubling the eyes on a monster , doubling bingo and doubling the number of smarties on the biscuits.  Another group have been solving multiplication problems by using arrays.



This week in topic we have been learning about the Medievael times , with a particular focus on Knights and Castles. We started off the week by learning about the role of the knight , their armour and their coats of arms. We learnt that a coat of arms was used to  identify individual knights and we had a go at designing our own (we will make them earlier next week).  We have also made our own knight pictures and used tin foil, washers and feathers to make our own armour . Don’t they look good?



In Science we have been learning about what a knight might eat to stay healthy, and the importance of a balanced diet. After learning that we need a large proportion of fruit / vegetables and grains / carbohydrates  in our diets we then made a balanced meal from playdoh. Examples of foods included :  Fish, rice and vegetables,  jacket potatoes with beans and salads and pasta dishes. Next week we will investigate the fat content in foods.



This half term the focus is ‘What can we learn from stories?’. This week we have listened to the parable of the ‘Wise Man and Foolish Men’  and watched a short animation. After listening to the story we thought about why the foolish man was foolish with examples being that he did not listen to advice and rushed his work. We talked about how this could apply to modern day and in the classroom day. To support our learning we made Lego houses and put them on a rock and then on sand, before pouring water on them. Like the parable, the house on the sand broke and washed away.


The focus on PE this half term is Yoga and undertook some Cosmic Yoga activities with Mr Niven.  We also enjoyed swimming at Leyland Leisure Centre.


We have been learning about rhythm and  pulse with Mrs Carter.


We have been learning about feelings and emotion and participated in an emotion bingo game .

English - Advert for a Knight

Maths - Doubling and Multiplication

Knights and Castles - Coat of Arms

Knights and Castles - Armour

Science - Healthy Balanced Meals

RE - The Wise Man and Foolish Man

W/C: 24th May


The last week before our half term break . We have welcomed Mrs Suffield to Maple Class.  Here is what we have been up too :



This week in English we have concluded our work on non chronological reports by linking it to our science work on the circulatory system . During the report we gave an introduction to the circulatory system and used subheading to explain the different functions . We also remembered to use photographs / pictures to make it more interesting for the readers. Prior to this we role played the circularly system to system to support our learning and had lots of fun ( see below ) .

 We have also continued to learn about the story of Moses ( linking to both Topic / RE ) and retold the story as a storyboard . We concluded the week by writing a diary entry from the perspective of Howard Carter .  Some of  us used colourful semantics to help us with our sentences, whilst some of us  tried really hard to use time connectives  as well as adjectives and exclamation marks to make our work more interesting .



This week in Maths we have revisited 3D Shapes and their properties . During the course of the week some of us have been investigating which 3D shapes stack, slide and roll as well as undertaking some sorting activities , whilst some of us have have been building 3D Shapes and finding and matching 3D Shapes based on their properties . We have also undertaken some work on position and direction and used coordinates to make an Egyptian map. 


Topic / Science 


In topic we have concluded our learning on the Ancient Egyptians . At the start of the week we made our own canopic jars and playdoh organs to go inside the jars . We then decorated Egyptian collars in preparation for our Egyptian banquet on Thursday . We enjoyed dressing up and trying foods from the time , including  figs , dates , cucumber , bread , cheese and honey !


 In Science we looked at the mummified apple piece and compared it to the apple left to decompose . We found out that the left to decompose had become mouldy whereas the mummified apple hadn’t. We have also continued to learn about the circulatory system and role played it using a pump for the heart ,  play tunnels  for veins and arteries, raspberries for red blood cells and purple grapes for the deoxygenated blood / waste . 


In other areas of the curriculum :

PE - Completed some circuits with Mrs Stewart.

Music - Performed for Mr Byrom-Jones after bringing our singing and the learning of the glockenspiel together . Mr Byrom-Jones was impressed 

RE - We have concluded our work on Judaism and the Ancient Egyptians by learning about the festival of Passover , the Seder tray and the food representations.

ICT/PSD - We made posters about staying safe online .


Next Half Term:

-Knights and Castles


-A Bug’s Life .


Have a lovely half term. 

English - Non Chronological Report

Diary Writing

Maths - 3D Shapes

Maths - Co-ordinates

Topic - Ancient Egypt Display

Topic - Canopic Jars

Topic - Egyptian Collars

Topic - Egyptian Feast

Topic - Mummified apple

Science - The Circulatory System

W/C: 17th May 



This week in English we concluded the story of ‘ Cinderella of the Nile ‘ by participating in a drama activity  and prior to the activity Mr Byrom-Jones , Mrs Carter and Mr Niven were really impressed that we could  remember the characters and events . 

 This week we have also been learning about non chronological reports . After establishing that they were about facts , we then put back together a non chronological report Mr Byrom-Jones made about dogs before analysing and identifying the features of non chronological reports which included headings, photographs , introduction , sub headings and bullet points . Later on  in the week we consolidated our knowledge further of non chronological reports by creating our own on an area of personal interest ( ranging from snakes , cars and Emmerdale ) as well as writing a non chronological report on the Ancient Egyptians.



This week we have consolidated our  learning on money . This week some of us have been counting in 2s using 2ps before adding pennies to the totals ( up to 5), some of us having been using different coins to total to 20p and some of us have been making amounts  to £1 using  different amounts as well as beginning to give change . Activities to support learning have included playing shop , magnetic fishing and differentiated money games on the iPads and computers.


Topic/ Science 

In our topic lessons we have continued to learn about the Ancient Egyptians and the mummification process . On Monday we had lots of fun pretending to be mummies ( taking turns to wrap each other up) after listening to a mummification song from ‘Horrible Histories ( they were gruesome !). We them applied our literacy knowledge and wrote / sequenced instructions about the mummification process and remembering to use our bossy verbs . 

 Later on in the week we made our own Ancient Egyptian tombs after mummifying an action figure , peg doll and decorating a cardboard sarcophagus .

  In Science we have mummified an apple ! After looking and using our senses it describe half an apple,  we then covered it in a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and salt . Next week we will compare the mummified apple half to the one that was left to decompose !


In other areas of the Curriculum 


In RE - we have been learning about the story of Moses and the festival of Passover which links to our work on Judaism and our upcoming work on the sedar plate . 


In PSHCE - We have been learning about ‘Stranger Danger’


In Music we ha e been consolidating our learning in preparation for a performance next week . 


In PE - We have enjoyed going swimming as well as continuing with cheerleading and team games. 


English - Non Chronological Reports

Maths - Money

Topic - Ancient Egyptians and Mummification

Topic - Ancient Egyptian Tombs