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Moor Hey School
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 Bowie's Page 

Welcome to our page. Mr Banks and Mrs Towers are our form tutors and Mr Almond and Mrs Derbyshire are our Teaching Assistants


In class, we earn Track-it light points and earn certificates and rewards for our achievements. One person per week is also awarded 'Star of the Week' for standing out in a particularly special way. We are focusing on the values of kindness and respect and we are trying to show these in all that we do. 


We used painting and collage techniques to produce art work of horses, influenced by our class book 'War Horse', to go with our written work about the text. We also created our own scenes based on a chapter from 'War Horse' and acted them out in front of the rest of the class. We loved our roles both as performers and as an audience!


Every group had their own take on our drama scenes based on 'War Horse'!

Forest School

Even though we have had to stay on site for forest school we have been having lots of fun building dens, using tools and cooking on the camp fire.


As a reward for some fantastic behaviour and effort this half term, we had a Halloween Celebration. We designed and carved pumpkins and some of us chose to dress up. Have a look at some of our pictures to see how much fun we had!

Kindness Rocks!!

As part of our Forest School Sessions we have painted some rocks with kind messages and pictures. When we can visit our local park to do our Forest School Sessions we will leave the rocks around for people to find and hopefully it will make them smile! Here are some of our designs.

Revolting Rhymes

In literacy we have been exploring Roald Dahls' 'Revolting Rhymes', the rhymes are really funny and quite disgusting. We even had a go at making our own! Here it is:


There was a girl called Goldilocks,

She always wore her dress with crocs!

She was very hungry and her belly was rumbling,

So into the Three Bears house she went tumbling.

In the kitchen she spied some coco pops,

But a neighbour saw her and called the cops.

She fell asleep on Baby Bears bed,

And awoke to hear sirens in her head.

In stormed the police, who broke the door,

And told her to get herself onto the floor.

Goldi refused and leapt out of bed,

She drop-kicked the policeman in the head.

She jumps from the window, in an instant she’s gone,

A police car, then, she came upon.

She pulled a pistol from her bra,

And shot the policeman in the car.

She decided to go for a joy-ride,

Because the policeman sadly died.

She runs away, into the forest,

She changes her name over to …………Boris????

Forest School Sessions

 We are currently doing our Forest School Sessions in the school grounds, this week we had the added excitement of hearing some fantastic thunder! We made faces from natural items, toasted marshmallows to make smores and had a hot chocolate to keep warm. We learnt lots about how to keep safe around fire.


Curriculum Map - Year 8 Rainbow Curriculum