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Moor Hey School
A Mathematics and Computing Specialist College


We are 10PT


Mrs Townsend and Miss Taylor are our form tutors supported by Mrs Drakefield, our Teaching Assistant.


We have 9 pupils in our form, 7 boys and 2 girls.


It has been an unusual school year again so far with a second lock-down and some changes to our staff and timetable but we have dealt with it all with maturity and continued with our learning.


We are a very sporty form. Jake, Sarah and Sky attend Preston North End during the week and are working towards a sports qualification. We all love a game of football out on our fantastic field when the weather is dry.


Jamie is a wiz on the computer and as we now have a VR in our classroom, he is looking at helping set up a lunch-time VR club and fund-raising for new games.


Our other members of the form are Josh, Ciaran, Ronan and Daniel. Daniel enjoys construction and problem solving and Josh represents our form as School Councillor. Ronan and Ciaran are our quietest pupils but they do join in with everything. In contrast, Michael is our loudest pupil. He is a cheeky chappie who has a great sense of humour and a winning smile.


Daniel is very motivated by Lego and Lego cards so we designed him his own Lego learning book where he can complete English tasks about his given cards.