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Moor Hey School
A Mathematics and Computing Specialist College


January 2021


I hope you are all safe a well at home. 


Please find the work I would like you to have a look at this week. 


1) Victorian Challenge

2) Space project 

3)Home baking 

This is an activity for 10PT from Mrs Padgeon

Please send your completed work to




Write a formal letter to Mrs Woolridge about your experience in school during Covid-19. 

See the attached PowerPoint to see how to lay out a letter. 


P1- Why you are writing 

P2- What the routines are- see if you can explain why

P3- Personal view 

P4- What could be done to make it better





Complete the worksheets on equivalent fractions. 

Choose to complete some of the lessons from the National OAK Academy. There are videos and activities to do. 




Complete this exercise measuring your heart rate. 


8th October 


Complete these sheets on Microbes. 

Watch the video's on the BBC Bitesize website. 


Try to label the different parts of the lungs



Make a powerpoint following the set tasks.